1. Soothing Tension Treatment

    Soothing Tension Treatment

    Relieve tension in the mind and body with a tranquil aromatherapy experience.

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  2. Awesome Autumn Foot & Leg Revival

    Awesome Autumn Foot & Leg Revival


    A wonderful treat for aching legs and sore feet.

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  3. “Beauti-Fall” Body Exfoliation

    “Beauti-Fall” Body Exfoliation

    This body scrub treatment includes a vigorous coffee sugar scrub to help with cellulite and moisturizing.

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  4. Pumpkin Spice Facial Treatment

    Pumpkin Spice Facial Treatment

    A delicious anti-aging facial treatment that will leave your skin feeling soft, hydrated and youthful.

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  5. Autumn Glow Restoration Wrap

    Autumn Glow Restoration Wrap


    An intensely hydrating treatment that’s sure to provide a warm glow to overworked summer skin.

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  6. CBD Users Manual

    CBD Users Manual
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  7. Sports Massage for Injury Prevention

    Sports Massage for Injury Prevention

    When the weather starts getting warmer and your clients start becoming more active, heavily exercised muscles may lose their capacity to relax, causing chronic tightness and loss of flexibility.

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  8. Calming Cucumber Face Soother

    Calming Cucumber Face Soother


    Help clients retain radiant and dewy-fresh skin with a refreshing treatment.

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  9. Chez Toi Chic - Reimagining the Spa Party

    Chez Toi Chic - Reimagining the Spa Party

    In this hurried world it is often difficult to find the time to slow down, relax, and unwind. Weekends seem to be shorter while our work week seems to grow exponentially. It’s difficult to find time to just ‘be’ with the besties.  A dreamy spa weekend may fit the bill but coordinating schedules and budgets can be a daunting task. Or maybe your creative side is simply dying to reveal itself… Whatever the reason, an intimate and relaxing spa day in your own home can be just as rejuvenating as a few days away at a Five Star resort.

    Although I am not an esthetician nor do I have my own personal stash of professional esthetic supplies, I am a seasoned event planner with a knack for all things classy and will reveal the distinctive sensory traits to keep in mind for hosting a first-class spa day. I will provide you with elegant details for each aspect of your serene spa day using online and local grocery store finds, fun recipes and menus, and a few key serving pieces.


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  10. Discover the Magic of Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

    Discover the Magic of Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

    From the remnants of the ancient primal sea beneath the towering peaks of the Himalayan Mountains in the Punjab region of Pakistan comes salt crystals with renowned healing properties within Eastern medicine for centuries.  Himalayan sea salt, characterized by its pinkish hue, has made its way west in recent years.  Some of the benefits of this ancient salt include the promotion of healthy blood sugar, lowered blood pressure, and improved circulation.  But the healing effects of the sea salt are not limited to the blood.  Himalayan Sea Salt, which contains 84 minerals, also supports a robust respiratory system, helps to prevent muscle cramps and promote bone health, and can even relieve anxiety and insomnia.

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