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      Doctor Driven Referral System For Massage Therapists - Gold

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      Doctor Driven Referral System for Massage Therapists

      Massage Therapist, body workers, chiropractors and physical therapists, Doctor Driven Referral System (DDRS) is a turn-key system to connect with primary care providers and other health providers in your community and position yourself as the trusted, go-to, provider that their patients are asking their doctors for. DDRS uses procedures and patient management tools you are already probably using in a new way to brand yourself and connect with other providers in your community. Why not take what you already should be doing and create an abundance of referrals that will fill your practice with high quality patients with better follow through. The program is easy to implement and the first referral will pay for the entire program. If you want to build a strong, referral based practice this is a no-brainer. Make DDRS part of your standard operating procedure of your office and help more people.

      • DDRS is an easy to implement, turn-key program to help connect practitioners with other practitioners who could be excellent referrals sources.
      • The program is an on-line program where the video modules can be viewed and the accompanying templates for letters and forms are downloadable.
      • DDRS helps to manage current clients/patients, connect with other practitioners they may be seeing and helps manage clinical information between providers to optimize patient outcomes. The program also brands the practitioner (massage, chiropractor, physical therapist) to other practitioners as professional and a trusted source to refer to.
      • DDRS also helps to stimulate referrals from current patients/clients by giving them sense of trust that their “practitioners” are working together for their benefit.
      • The program is a one-time cost and it is owned for a life time.
      • The program also includes e-books for personal improvement, A private Facebook discussion group, a personal development program and a special referral generating program

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