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      Scifit PRO2® Total Body Recumbent Bike & Ergometer Ajustable Crank & Bariatric Seat

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      PRO2® Total Body Recumbent Bike & Ergometer Ajustable Crank & Bariatric Seat 

      The SCIFIT PRO2 is the industry’s most versatile rehab tool. The PRO2 offers upper body, lower body or total body exercise. Developed by rehabilitation professionals, adaptability makes the PRO2 the choice for physical therapy or total body wellness. Its effectiveness means therapists can treat more patients in less time. Its sophisticated program options make documenting functional outcome easy. The PRO2 offers the versatility to meet the needs of the full spectrum of clients. The extra wide bariatric seat adjusts forward and back and can accommodate users up to 600 lbs.


      • True adjustable step-through - allowing all users full access.
      • Adjustable upper and lower cranks - for greater range of movement, exercise variety and a custom fit.
      • Features a Therapist Assist Pedal for hands free seat adjustment.

      Ease of Use:

      • Passive Assistance - The upper and lower cranks on the PRO2 are dependent allowing individuals to use passive assistance – using strong limbs to drive weaker limbs through the range of motion.
      • ADA Compliant - Seat removes for easy wheelchair access.
      • Very low starting resistance - (6 watts) start and maintain program function at extremely low speeds and resistance.
      • Versatile - Lower body only, upper body only, or total body exercise.


      • Iso-Strength - safe and effective strength, provides accommodating resistance through the entire range of motion. 
      • Bi-directional Resistance - aids in the recruitment of reciprocal muscle groups and reduces the risk of injury from muscle imbalance.
      • 191 Levels of Resistance - the workload can be adjusted in .1 increments.


      • 3 years parts, 1 year labor


      • Length: 61"
      • Width: 30"
      • Height: 62"
      • Weight: 251 lbs
      • Weight Capacity: 600 lbs

      Options and Accessories

      • Low Boots – Oversized footplate with sturdy straps.
      • Leg Stabilizers – Extra foot and lower leg support.
      • Wheelchair Platform – Added stability for wheelchair use.
      • Heavy Duty Wheelchair Ramp – Provides increased stabilization for wheelchair use.
      • Assist Gloves – Helps individuals who need assistance in gripping the hand cranks.
      • Heart Rate Transmitter – Polar chest strap for heart rate monitoring.
      • Fit-Key – SCIFIT’s exclusive Plug-and-play system.



      SCIFIT PRO - Low Support Boots (PRO2 Only)
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