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SCIFIT Fitness Equipment

Whether you stocking a gym or just want to invest in a piece of personal exercise equipment, SCIFIT exercise equipment is for you. You can also enhance your workouts with one of our SCIFIT supplements to help you get the most out of every workout. Read More Read Less

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  1. SCIFIT External Rotation Device SCIFIT PRO® External Rotation Device for PRO1 and PRO1 Sport Upper Body exercisers
  2. SCIFIT PRO Assistive Gloves SCIFIT PRO® Assistive Gloves - Help with Gripping Ergometers Hand Cranks
  3. Polar SCIFIT Polar Chest Strap Heart Rate Transmitter
  4. Scifit Pro2 Total Body Exerciser-Bariatric Scifit PRO2® Total Body Recumbent Bike & Ergometer Ajustable Crank & Bariatric Seat
  5. SCIFIT Recumbent Bi-Directional Adjustable Seat SCIFIT Recumbent Bicycle Forward Only Step Through W/ Premium Seat
  6. Scifit Pro Sport Upper Body: Fixed Cranks Low Back SCIFIT PRO® Sport Upper Body with Fixed and Bi-Directional Cranks
  7. SCIFIT REX Total Body Recumbent Elliptical SCIFIT REX Total Body Recumbent Elliptical
  8. SCIFIT Pro2® Recumbent Bike & Ergometer Adju Crank & Seat SCIFIT PRO2® Total Body Recumbent Bike & Ergometer with Adjustable Crank & Premium Seat
  9. SCIFIT Bi-Directional SCIFIT Bi-Directional Recumbent Bike - SCIFIT ISO7000R
  10. SCIFIT Pro1 Upper Body W/ Adjustable Cranks And Seat SCIFIT PRO1® Upper Body with Adjustable Cranks And Premium Seat
  11. SCIFIT Pro2® Recumb Bike & Ergmtr Adj Crk Fixed St SCIFIT PRO2® Recumb Bike & Ergometer Adjustable Crank & Fixed Standard Seat
  12. Scifit Pro Upper Body: Adj Cranks Bariatric Fxd St SCIFIT PRO® Upper Body with Adjustable Cranks and Fixed Bariatric Seat
  13. SCIFIT Rex Orbi-Linear Trainer W/ Swivel Seat SCIFIT REX Recument Elliptical with Swivel Seat
  14. SCIFIT Entertainment Package SCIFIT 15" LCD Screen/Monitor Entertainment Package
  15. SCIFIT StepOne Recumbent Stepper SCIFIT StepOne Recumbent Stepper
  16. SCIFIT Total Body SCIFIT Total Body Elliptical with Easy Entry Package
  17. CIFIT Pro1000 Upper Body Adj Cranks/Seat SCIFIT PRO1000® Upper Body With Adjustable Cranks and Seat
  18. SCIFIT Treadmill SCIFIT Treadmill 110V Or 220V Side Handraill Switches

Items 1-18 of 40

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