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      Thera-Loop Non-Slip Anchor, Single Unit

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       Every Body Needs A Thera-Loop

      Every patient who receives resistance tubing and banding needs a place to exercise at home.  Thera-Loop makes it easy by turning nearly any doorway into a place to do exercises and the loop can be easily moved to the right height for each exercise.  That’s because the simple webbing-strap Thera-Loop, sprayed at the door end with a non-slip material, resists sliding up and down when it is placed in the hinge side of a closed and latched door.

      Height adjustments are limitless.  Thera-Loop helps you educate the patient about where, and at what height, to start and end resistance exercise.  Tying off on a door knob or a furniture leg can be dangerous and unproductive.  Everyone has experienced horror stories about the tubing or banding that slipped off its anchor and painfully struck the patient.  Thera-Loop solves that problem.

      This simple device, invented by a home therapist, can help increase patient compliance.  It also protects against damage to tubing and banding that results from repeatedly closing it into door frames unprotected.

      Available in eaches, 10 (853-0028) and 50 packs (841-0203).



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