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      BeautyPro Spa & Massage Products

      There’s nothing as relaxing as a good facial, and BeautyPro has the products you need. Start your client off with an accurate, real-time skin analysis using the BeautyPro Hydratest. It instantly measures hydration and oil in the skin, and you can also use it on the body or scalp. Next, use the BeautyPro hot towel steamer kit along with facial wrap towels to go from dry to moist and hot in just 15 minutes. Now it’s time for a collagen-infused facial mask – could it possibly get any better?

      Beauty Pro Facial Wrap Towel
      Beauty Pro Hydratest
      BeautyPro® Lifting 3D Clay Mask
      BeautyPro® Purifying 3D Clay Mask
       BeautyPro® Black Peel™
      BeautyPro® Brightening Set
      BeautyPro® Restore& Renew Set
      BeautyPro® Rejuvenating Set
      Barber Pro® Skin Revival Kit
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