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If you're looking for top-of-the-line physical therapy and rehabilitative equipment, you've come to the right place. We offer a wide variety of products to meet the needs of every patient, including exercise bands, balls and tubing, stretching and flexibility aids, strength training equipment, and balance training aids. With our high-quality equipment, you can provide your patients with the best possible care to help them improve their health and quality of life. Browse our selection today and choose the perfect products for your practice confidently with our price match guarantee.

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We want you to be 100% satisfied. Our aim is to provide you with quality products at an affordable price. If an item does not meet your expectations, we'll gladly refund your money within 30 days after purchase. In order to keep our prices the lowest possible, some exceptions apply, including a 20% restocking fee applied after 30 days and 30% restocking fee applied after 60 days, should the item be in a usable condition. Please see our [1]Returns section for detailed information.

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  1. Sale
    Theraband Exercise Station, Handle W-Dring/2 TheraBand® Soft Exercise Handle with D Ring – Set of 2
    $11.39 Special Price $9.68
  2. Thera-Band Power Pump TheraBand® Airhead Double Action Hand Pump
  3. Thera-Band Shoulder Pulley, Bulk TheraBand® Shoulder Pulley System Shoulder Rehabilitation - Bulk Packaging
  4. Cando Rubber-Band Hand Exerciser Cando® Rubber-Band Hand Exerciser
  5. Cando Digiflex Hand/Finger Exerciser 5 Pc Set W/Di Cando® Digi-Flex Exerciser 5 Pc Set W/Display
  6. Cando Full Body Set Of Tubing With Handles Cando® Tubing With Handles- Total Body 3-Piece Sets
    $27.73 - $38.10
  7. Cando Dynamic Stretching Exercise Strap Cando® Dynamic Stretch Strap
  8. Rehab And Wellness Station #21915 TheraBand® Rehab And Wellness Station - Total Body Exercise Station
  9. Core Stretch CoreStretch Adjustable Back, Shoulder & Hamstring Stretcher
  10. Cando Color Coded Rubberband Hand Exerciser Cando® Color Coded Rubberband Hand Exerciser
  11. Cando Digiflex Hand/Finger Exerciser 5 Pc Set Cando® Digi-Flex Hand Exerciser, 5 Piece Set
  12. Xtensor Xtensor Finger Extension Exerciser
  13. Thera-Band Wall Station #21910 TheraBand® Wall Station - Total Body Rehabilitation System
  14. Sale
    Thera-Band Shoulder Pulley - Retail Packaged TheraBand® Shoulder Pulley - Retail Packaged
    $21.89 Special Price $18.61
  15. Xult Dumbbell Flat Rack 10 Pair Capacity Xult Dumbbell Flat Rack 10 Pair Capacity
  16. Matrix Varsity Multi-adjustable Bench Matrix Varsity Multi-adjustable Bench
  17. Sale
    CerviLoft™ Adjustable Cervical Comfort Pillow CerviLoft™ Adjustable Cervical Comfort Pillow
    $44.69 Special Price $40.22
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Exercise & Rehab
Exercise & Rehab

Exercise & Rehab


What conditions do physical therapists treat?

With the use of physical therapy equipment and flexibility training techniques, physical therapists can help treat a number of issues. You can expect a good physiotherapist to help recover from fractures or sprains, rehabilitation after injury or surgery, and even chronic conditions such as tendinitis or bursitis. Physical therapy helps patients restore strength in damaged or injured muscles, joints, and bones. They can help patients learn to overcome physical ailments or at least minimize their pain and strengthen their bodies to prevent further pain.

What's the difference between physiotherapy and physical therapy?

Physiotherapy involves hands-on treatment. For example, in physiotherapy, injured joints or muscles may be physically stretched out by the practitioner to help the patient with a movement they are unable to complete on their own. Physical therapy is an exercise-based therapy that involves strength training and flexibility training. With the help of strength training equipment, patients can work to build strength in weakened bones or muscles and regain proper mobility. For example, patients suffering from arthritis can try TheraBand® Hand Exerciser - Grip Strengthening Balls to slowly rebuild strength and minimize the effects of arthritis in the hands. A physical therapist can show you the best equipment and the right exercises to help you recover from the chronic pain or injury you are trying to recover from.

What are the different types of physical therapy?

There are several different sub-types of physical therapy which are all aimed at healing different problems. There is geriatric physical therapy for the elderly who are looking to regain strength due to loss of muscle volume as they age. Orthopedic physical therapy can help you recover from orthopedic surgery. Physical therapy also includes cardiovascular and pulmonary therapy, vestibular rehabilitation, and even neurological rehabilitation for brain and/or spinal injuries or recovery from surgery.

What kinds of activities do physical therapists use to treat patients?

Physical therapists offer treatment through flexibility training, strength training, and the use of physical therapy equipment to help. TheraBand® Pro Series SCP® Exercise Balls & Stability Balls can help with balance and core strength. Cando® Digi-Flex Exerciser - Finger, Hand & Forearm Strengthening can help strengthen weakened arms, hands, and fingers. Essentially, physical therapy involves teaching patients how to perform regular exercises that will help them recover from injury and restore their mobility in the long term. Physical therapists will show their patients how to treat their pain and prevent it from coming back.

What equipment is best suited for rehabilitation?

Strength training equipment varies widely. The right equipment is based on the type of rehabilitation you need. For someone with back pain who needs to strengthen their core, the Cando Twist-N-Bend Resistive Exercise Bar may be the best choice. If you are suffering from arthritis in your hands, the Cando® Digi-Flex Exerciser - Finger, Hand & Forearm Strengthening is the right choice. As a general rule, the best equipment will help you perform a physical task that is difficult for you without straining. You shouldn't feel tremendous pain when rehabilitating. A good physical therapist will ensure you make gradual progress without putting too much stress on any one part of your body.

What are the most popular exercise tools physical therapists use?

The most common equipment for physical therapy includes low-intensity equipment like resistance bands, strengthening balls, and even a treadmill. The best way to recover is to aim for consistent, low-intensity training that will gradually improve your strength and mobility. The most popular exercise tools in physical therapy allow patients to slowly rebuild strength through resistance training and flexibility training. The goal of physical therapy is to slowly aid recovery and build long-lasting strength that will prevent further injury and minimize chronic pain.