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Providing your clients with a warm towel, dry or moist, is a simple but luxurious gesture that everyone will welcome. Whether used in esthetic services, body care or in salon services, these hard working hot towel cabinets are a must to conveniently heat and store your towels. Shop our wide array of freestanding and countertop hot towel cabinets, steamers, sanitizers and accessories with our 110% Price Match Guarantee!

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We want you to be 100% satisfied. Our aim is to provide you with quality products at an affordable price. If an item does not meet your expectations, we'll gladly refund your money within 30 days after purchase. In order to keep our prices the lowest possible, some exceptions apply, including a 20% restocking fee applied after 30 days and 30% restocking fee applied after 60 days, should the item be in a usable condition. Please see our [1]Returns section for detailed information.

If you find the same product for a lower price from any other company, we will refund/match the difference. Offer is valid for 30 days from the date of purchase. Valid on orders shipped within the continental United States. Cannot price match against auction sites. Pricing match is based on competitor complying with Manufacturer’s Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Policy. If a product is listed below “MAP” we may not be able to match that price. Vendor that we price match must have product available to purchase and not on backorder.

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  1. Dermalogic Double Door Stainless Towel Warmer 45L Dermalogic Double Door Stainless Towel Warmer 45L
  2. Paragon® Small Hot Towel Warmer Cabinet Paragon® Small Hot Towel Warmer Cabinet
  3. TAIJI Hot Towel Warmer and UV Sterilizer Large TAIJI Large Hot Towel Cabinet & Warmer with UV Sterilizer
  4. Paragon Paragon® UV Sanitizing Hot Towel Cabinet X-Large
  5. TouchAmerica Small Hot Towel Cabinet TouchAmerica™ Small Hot Towel Cabinet
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  6. Taiji Taiji Mini Hot Towel Warmer Cabinet
  7. Towel Warmer W/Sterilizr 24 Towel Capacity Replacement UV Bulb for Hot Towel Cabinets - T6 size bulb - 3/4" x 2"
  8. Earthlite Eclipse Warming Drawer Option EarthLite® Everest Eclipse™ Eclipse Table Warming Drawer Option
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Hot Towel Cabis
Hot Towel Cabis

Hot Towel Cabis


How hot does a hot towel warmer get?

Hot towel cabinets will heat from a range between approximately 150 to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. While some hot towel cabis have adjustable temperatures, others are simply power on or off. In most instances, towels will be thoroughly heated between 15 to 60 minutes depending on the size and capacity of the unit.

How can I keep hot towels warm?

To keep a hot towel warm as long as possible, start with high-quality towels. Neatly roll and fold the towels prior to placing in the hot towel cabinet and thoroughly heat the towels by following manufacturer's recommendations. Do not stuff too many towels in your warmer and always check the temperature against your own skin before placing on a client’s body. Properly following the instructions included with your hot towel warmer will maximize the heat retention of the towel.

How do I steam the face with a hot towel?

A moist hot towel is a perfect way to open the pores of the skin and provide an initial sense of warmth and relaxation for any facial treatment. For convenience, we recommend using a hot towel steamer or hot towel cabi to heat and store your towels. Some hot towel steamer units will moisten and heat the towels while other hot towel cabinets require you to dampen the towels first. Simply wet the towel with clean water and wring it out thoroughly. Neatly fold and roll the towel and place it into the unit to warm. Once the towel is heated through, carefully remove it from the unit and unroll. Check the temperature against your forearm to ensure the towel will not burn your client and place the unrolled, folded towel around the face leaving the nose and mouth exposed. Allow the steaming towel to penetrate the skin for up to 5 minutes or until the towel cools.

How long should a hot towel cabinet be left on?

Hot towel cabinets can be powered on and operational throughout the entire workday; however it is not sanitary to store towels in the cabinet overnight. Daily cleaning and regular maintenance will ensure a long life for your hot towel cabi. Please consult your unit’s manual for detailed information on using and caring for your hot towel warmer.