Stationary Massage Tables - Electric, Hydraulic Lift, & Salon Top Tables

The right quality stationary massage table can be the centerpiece of your spa and massage therapy practice. With you and your clients’ comfort in mind, proudly offers a comprehensive assortment of electric massage tables, hydraulic massage tables, and more to meet your personal needs and budget. Shop our stationary spa and massage table inventory confidently with our Price Match Guarantee and if you have questions or need assistance, our knowledgeable representatives are eager to help. For peace of mind and further savings, set up routine shipping of your most commonly replenished massage and spa supplies with our convenient Subscription Autoship program.

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Price Match Guarantee

Our Guarantee

Satisfaction Guarantee
We want you to be 100% satisfied. Our aim is to provide you with quality products at an affordable price. If an item does not meet your expectations, we'll gladly refund your money within 30 days after purchase. In order to keep our prices the lowest possible, some exceptions apply, including a 20% restocking fee applied after 30 days and 30% restocking fee applied after 60 days, should the item be in a usable condition. Please see our [1]Returns section for detailed information.

If you find the same product for a lower price from any other company, we will refund/match the difference. Offer is valid for 30 days from the date of purchase. Valid on orders shipped within the continental United States. Cannot price match against auction sites. Pricing match is based on competitor complying with Manufacturer’s Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Policy. If a product is listed below “MAP” we may not be able to match that price. Vendor that we price match must have product available to purchase and not on backorder.

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  1. EarthLite Ellora Stationary Lift Table Earthlite® Ellora™ Lift Stationary Table
    $1,874.00 - $1,924.00
  2. EarthLite® Everest™ Pedestal Electric Lift Table EarthLite® Everest™ Pedestal Electric Lift Table
    $2,474.00 - $2,574.00
  3. EarthLite® Ellora Vista™ Full Electric Tilt Massage Table EarthLite® Ellora Vista™ Full Electric Tilt Massage Table
    $3,274.00 - $3,514.05
  4. OAKWORKS® Masters Collection Palas Table OAKWORKS® Masters Collection Palas Table
  5. Earthlite Ellora Vista EarthLite® Ellora Vista™ Flat Electric Lift Massage Table
    $2,474.00 - $3,024.00
    4  Reviews
  6. Oakworks Powerline Treatment Table With Shelf And Backrest Oakworks Powerline Treatment Table With Shelf And Backrest
    $757.09 - $956.25
  7. Pro Salon Kensington Hydraulic Treatment Table Living Earth Crafts® Pro Salon Kensington™ Multi- Purpose Hydraulic Treatment Table
  8. Earthlite Ellora Tilt Stationary Lift Table EarthLite® Ellora™ Lift with Manual Tilt Top
    $2,174.00 - $2,224.00
  9. EarthLite® Ellora™ Full Electric Salon Massage Table EarthLite® Ellora™ Full Electric Salon Massage Table
    $3,174.00 - $3,224.00
    1  Review
  10. Everest Tilt Stationary Massage Table EarthLite® Everest™ Electric Tilt Lift Table
    $2,774.00 - $2,824.00
  11. Earthlite® Everest Spa Pedestal Single Electric Lift Table Earthlite® Everest Spa Pedestal™ Single Electric Lift Table
    $3,070.00 - $3,124.00
  12. Earthlite Ellora Full Electric Tilt Table EarthLite® Ellora™ Full Electric Tilt Massage Table
    $2,774.00 - $2,824.00
  13. Oakworks® ProLuxe™ Flat Top Massage Table Oakworks® ProLuxe™ Flat Top Massage Table
    $1,790.00 - $1,817.97
  14. OAKWORKS® Masters Collection Britta Table with Storage OAKWORKS® Masters Collection Britta Table with Storage
  15. Oakworks® ProLuxe™ Lift-Assist Backrest Top Massage Table Oakworks® ProLuxe™ Lift-Assist Backrest Top Massage Table
    $2,400.00 - $2,437.50
  16. Ellora Vista Full Electric Salon Top Table EarthLite® Ellora Vista™ Full Electric Salon Top Table
    $3,874.00 - $4,159.05
  17. Living Earth Crafts® Gel Tech Mattress Living Earth Crafts® GT SpaMattress™ with GelTech™ Technology
  18. Living Earth Crafts Aspen Salon Top Living Earth Crafts® Aspen™ Salon Top Dual-Pedestal Treatment Table
  19. Living Earth Crafts® 6 Button Foot Control Living Earth Crafts® 6 Button Foot Control
  20. Living Earth Crafts® Century City Dual Pedestal Low Range Treatment Table Living Earth Crafts® Century City™ Dual Pedestal Low Range Treatment Table
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Stationary Tables
Stationary Tables

Stationary Tables

What are the different styles of stationary massage tables?

Compared to portable massage tables, stationary tables are more versatile and often have embedded storage, giving you more enhanced massage table options. A classic stationary table is made of hardwood, thick high-quality padding, and heavy-duty vinyl upholstery. For a little extra, you can get a model with an adjustable backrest and a storage shelf. You can also add a table extender to comfortably accommodate taller clients. If the standard treatment table does not meet all your needs, you can opt for a compact Shiatsu table, which is ideal for sports and deep tissue massage, or a stationary wet table, specially designed for hydrotherapy treatments. In terms of height, stationary massage tables either come with adjustable height legs or more comfortable hydraulic lift systems, manual or electric.

What is a hydraulic massage table?

A hydraulic massage table comes with hydraulic lift actuators that help you easily adjust its height to ensure the most comfortable experience for both client and masseuse. Hydraulic stationary massage table models can be manual or electric. Manual lift systems with crank handles are more affordable, while electric ones with foot control are more convenient.

What is an electric massage table?

With an electric lift massage table, you can seamlessly raise and lower the height of the stationary table without interrupting the client's relaxation. Once you opt for an electric lift instead of a manual one, you open the door to even more possibilities. The most common upgrades include an integrated heated top, an adjustable breast comfort system, a hot towel cabinet, and a Bluetooth speaker. While you can also customize a manual hydraulic massage table with most of these upgrades, electric ones usually come with a power management system that removes power cord clutter, reducing trip hazards.

How much weight does a stationary massage table hold?

While they do not move around easily, stationary massage tables tend to provide more stability than portable ones and can generally hold more weight. Most stationary massage table packages with hydraulic lift actuators mention a working weight of 600-650 lbs. Some lightweight models have a lower threshold, around 500-550 lbs, whereas massage tables with height adjustable legs prove to be sturdier and can hold significantly more weight, even up to 1000 lbs.

What are Salon Top Tables used for?

The 'Salon Top Table' feature means that the stationary table has added functionality, being comfortable and adjustable for almost any spa treatment. Salon top tables typically come with motors that adjust the height, the backrest, and the part under the knees. Motors can also create a zero gravity chair. The most affordable top option for massage tables is the flat top and it can only be height-adjusted, requiring different types of positioning pillows to prop clients who have difficulty lying flat. The middle ground would be the lift-assisted backrest top which, like salon top tables, allows for an additional comfy upgrade: flex armrests.

Do all massage tables have a tilt function?

Not all stationary massage tables can be tilted. When placing your order, double-check the features to not accidentally confuse tilt with height adjustment, as most flat models have an adjustable height. If you want your massage table to have a tilt function, make sure it does not say 'flat top'. Instead, look for 'electric tilt', 'manual tilt', or 'salon'.

Where can I buy stationary massage tables? carries a wide range of high-quality stationary massage tables and salon tables for all budgets and needs. Besides these, you can also find stationary massage table packages, accessories that you can customize massage tables with, and all types of massage equipment and supplies, including stools, physical therapy exercise equipment, facial systems, and storage solutions.

Which massage table brands are best?

The most widely used and best reviewed stationary massage tables come from reputable brands like Living Earth Crafts®, Oakworks®, and Earthlite®. Sporting fewer models, but equally exceptional massage table designs, we have TouchAmerica, Custom Craftworks®, and Gharieni.