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Hot Stone Massage, or hot rock massage, is one of today’s most popular spa services. Shop our selection of high quality stone supplies including a variety of basalt, marble and Himalayan salt stones, professional stone warmers in several sizes, hydrocollator packs and the accessories you need to deliver a flawless treatment, day in and day out. Shop confidently with our 110% Price Match Guarantee!

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  1. Relief Pak Moist Heat Pack Relief Pak® Moist Heat Pack - Moist Heating Packs
    $10.99 - $36.09
    5  Reviews
  2. Saltability Himalayan Salt Massage Stones Saltability Himalayan Salt Massage Stones
    $69.29 - $98.99
    5  Reviews
  3. Hot Massage Medium Stones, Set Of 8 2" - 3" Hot Stone Massage Basalt Medium Stones - Set of 8
    4  Reviews
  4. Sale
    Professional Hot Stone Massage Heater 18 Quart NRG® Professional Hot Stone Massage Stone Heater - 18 Quarts
    $75.59 Special Price $68.03
    1  Review
  5. Extra Large Stone Hot Stone Massage Basalt Extra Large Stone
    6  Reviews
  6. Hot Stones Massage Large, Set Of 8 Basalt Stones Hot Stone Massage Basalt Large Stone - Set of 8
    7  Reviews
  7. Saltability Himilayan Salt Massage Stone Warmer Saltability Himalayan Salt Massage Stone Warmer
    $452.09 - $658.89
  8. Himalayan Salt Massage Salt Stones Harmony Salt Himalayan Massage Salt Stones - Massage Stones *Various Sizes and Shapes
    $43.09 - $134.59
    8  Reviews
  9. Saltability® Therapist's Choice 15 Saltability® Therapist's Choice 15
    3  Reviews
  10. Saltability Himalayan Salt Bamboo Warming Tray Saltability Himalayan Salt Stone Bamboo Warming Tray
    $362.99 - $472.99
  11. Hot Stone Massage Warmer Thermometer Hot Stone Massage Warmer Thermometer
    2  Reviews
  12. Deluxe Massage Hot Stones Set Of 50 Deluxe Hot Stone Massage Stones - Set Of 50
    2  Reviews
  13. Saltability Massage Stone Warmer Coverlet Saltability Massage Stone Warmer Coverlet
  14. Amber Cozy Toe Hot Stone Massage Therapy Stones - Set of 8 Amber Cozy Toe Hot Stone Massage Therapy Stones - Set of 8
  15. Master® Triangular Basalt Hot Stone Trigger Point Tool Master® Triangular Basalt Hot Stone Trigger Point Tool
  16. Amber Stone Oil 8 oz. Amber Stone Oil 8 oz.
    $7.19 - $7.59
  17. The Med- Hot Stone Massage Products Med-Stone Massage Stone - Self Heating Hot Stones & Med-Stone Chiller
    11  Reviews
  18. Amber Trigger Point Stones - Pair Amber Trigger Point Stones - Pair
  19. Himalayan Salt Massage Stones Hearts, Set/6 Harmony Salt Himalayan Massage Salt Stone Hearts Set of 6
    3  Reviews
  20. Hot Stone Massage 50Pc Set Hot Stone Massage 50 Piece Set with Manual
    1  Review
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Hot Stone Massage
Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage


How should I heat hot rocks for massage?

The safe, professional way to heat massage rocks is with a hot stone warmer to a temperature between 130 - 145 degrees F. To avoid uneven temperatures, using a microwave or slow cooker is not recommended.

What kind of rocks are used for Hot Stone Massage?

Rocks used for Hot Stone Massage are usually made of basalt, a type of smooth volcanic rock that retains heat better than most other stones. These massage rocks often begin as a shade of gray but turn black from absorbing oils.

What comes in a Hot Rock Massage Kit?

Adding hot stone massage to your treatment menu is a relatively small investment in relation to the potential return. To help you get started, Massage Warehouse offers a number of hot rock kits for various uses or you can purchase the products individually.

What is the proper temperature for massage hot rocks?

Massage stones (or hot rocks) should be heated in water to a temperature between 130 - 145 degrees F.

What are the differences between massage stones?

Massage stones come in a number of distinct varieties but the three main types of stones include basalt, marble and salt stones. The properties of each of these stones best suit the corresponding treatments as follows:

Cold Stone Massage Therapy:
Marble is used primarily in cold stone massage treatment. Although other stones may be used, most therapists find the coolness retention properties to be most convenient.

Hot Stone Therapy:
Basalt stones are the rock of choice for hot stone therapy. Made of lava rock, these stones hold heat for a much longer period of time than other massage rocks.

Salt Stone Therapy:
When heated, Himalayan salt stones allow the essential minerals within the salt to penetrate deeply into the body. This process is believed to possess many health benefits including:

  • Deep Relaxation
  • Reduced Inflammation
  • Improved Sleep
  • Balanced Nervous System
  • Improved Sense of Wellbeing
  • Improves Immune Support
  • Exfoliation of the Skin
  • Mild Detoxification