Wax Warmer for Hair Removal- Professional Depilatory Wax Warmer & Wax Heaters

Waxing is one of the most popular hair removal methods available today - It's quick, efficient, and relatively painless when done correctly; and with a wax heater from, you can consistently give your clients the treatments they need for smooth, sexy, hair-free bodies. Massage Warehouse carries a wide selection of wax warmers to fit most wax containers and styles from some of the industry's most trusted brand names. Whether you require a single, double, triple, or quad wax warmer, we have a full selection of options with a variety of features to choose from. Shop confidently with our Price Match Guarantee and affordable shipping options.

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  1. Resiné By HAIRAWAY® Green Pine Starter Kit Resiné By HAIRAWAY® Green Pine Starter Kit
  2. Resiné By HAIRAWAY® Creamy Sensitive Starter Wax Kit Resiné By HAIRAWAY® Creamy Sensitive Starter Wax Kit
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  3. Satin Smooth Professional Double Wax Warmer & Wax Heater Satin Smooth Professional Double Wax Warmer & Wax Heater
  4. Cirépil® Happy Heater for 14 Oz Tins Cirépil® Happy Wax Heater for 14 Oz Wax Tins
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  5. Resiné By HAIRAWAY® Veloce Heater Resiné By HAIRAWAY® Veloce Heater
  6. Satin Smooth beBare Wax Warmer Replacement Metal Pot Insert Satin Smooth beBare™ Wax Warmer Replacement Metal Pot Insert
  7. Satin Smooth® Professional Single Wax Warmer Satin Smooth® Professional Single Wax Warmer
  8. Amber Supreme Wax Heater Amber Supreme Wax Heater
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  9. Satin Smooth Professional Double Wax Warmer Kit Satin Smooth Professional Double Wax Warmer Kit
  10. Amber Triple Heater Amber Triple Depilatory Wax Heater
  11. Amber Hard Wax Heater Amber Hard Wax Heater
  12. Gigi Wax Warmer GiGi Wax Warmer - Hot Wax Heater
  13. Amber Variable Temp Depilatory Heater Amber Depilatory Heater
  14. Amber Hard Wax Heater Kit Amber Hard Wax Heater Kit
  15. Satin Smooth® Select-A-Temp Wax Warmer for 14 oz. & 16 oz. cans Satin Smooth® Select-A-Temp Wax Warmer for 14 oz. & 16 oz. cans
  16. Amber MD Waxing System Kit Amber MD Waxing System Kit
  17. caronlab® Professional Wax Heater caronlab® Professional Wax Heater
  18. Amber Master Depilatory Kit Amber Master Depilatory Kit
  19. Amber Double Master Depilatory Kit with Double Wax Heater Amber Double Master Depilatory Kit with Double Wax Heater
  20. Amber Deluxe Master Depilatory Kit with Wax Heater Amber Deluxe Master Depilatory Kit with Wax Heater
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Wax Heaters and Warmer
Wax Heaters and Warmer

Wax Heaters and Warmer


What is the best cleaning protocol for my wax heater?

You should clean the wax heater at regular intervals and make sure the switch and temperature control knobs are always free of wax. Only use small amounts of oil-based cleaners that are specifically formulated for wax removal and stay clear of other solvents. While citrus-based equipment cleansers are popular, some wax warmer manufacturers advise against them so make sure you read the appliance instructions before cleaning.

What are the differences between a professional wax warmer and a wax heater for home use?

As a rule of thumb, a professional wax warmer is more durable and expensive than one intended for home use. Professional warmers can also have multiple wells, as is the case of Amber's double wax heater, or larger containers, such as Resiné By HAIRAWAY® Veloce Heater, whereas wax-at-home kits focus on taking up as little space as possible.

How long does a wax warmer take to preheat?

A spa wax warmer with the temperature set on High usually takes up to 10-15 minutes to fully heat a 14 oz. wax can and larger cans take slightly longer. Note that hard wax takes longer to melt than soft wax so, if you want to heat both types of wax simultaneously, make sure your double wax warmer has separate temperature knobs for each warming well. Once the wax melts, stir it and lower the temperature to keep the wax warm, but not burning hot.

What temperature should the wax be for hair removal?

There is no ideal working temperature for depilatory wax, as each type and brand behaves differently. Many wax manufacturers include application temperature recommendations on the label, but these only serve as a broad reference since you should also factor in the conditions in your location (AC, room heating, humidity). What you should aim for instead is to get the right consistency, which is that of honey or molasses. If the wax is too liquid, you have to turn the dial down a little on your wax heater, and if it is too viscous, slightly turn it up. You should also test the wax temperature on your wrist before applying it to the client's skin. Quick reminder: When using soft wax, you should set the temperature on the depilatory wax warmer lower than for hard wax.

Can you add essential oils to a wax warmer?

While some hard wax beads come infused with essential oils, most are unscented and you can customize them in the wax warmer to add aromatherapy benefits to the waxing experience. All you have to do is add 1-3 drops of essential oil to a 14 oz can of fully melted hard wax and stir thoroughly to have it spread evenly throughout the wax. Make sure to not use more than three drops per can and ask the client about any allergies beforehand. Popular wax scents include chamomile, lavender, and jasmine and another way you can incorporate aromatherapy into your waxing session is to apply a pre-depilatory scented oil to the skin after cleaning it. Besides the relaxing effect, it will also ensure that the wax only adheres to the hair and not the client's skin.

How long can I leave my wax warmer on?

You can turn on the wax warmer 30 minutes before the first waxing session of the day and turn it off once you are done with all the clients. If you leave the wax warmer on throughout the day, make sure it is never empty, always unplug it and let it cool down fully before cleaning or storing, and do not move it while still hot.

Which waxing supplies are essential accessories for using a wax heater?

You can use your professional wax warmer to melt wax beads or heat wax cans, but you must pay attention to the capacity to ensure compatibility between the soft wax of your choice and the appliance's well size. Most heaters are suitable for 14 oz. cans while some can also accommodate 16 oz. Note that most spa wax warmers do not come fitted with pots for melting wax beads but these can be purchased separately — read all the product details before ordering as you want to have your wax heater ready to use from day one. If you use different types of wax beads, the best thing to do to not waste product is to buy additional wax warmer replacement pots from the same manufacturer. Other waxing supplies you will need to include are applicator sticks, table paper rolls, waxing strips, and depilatory products like skin soother gels, skin cleansers, and post-depilatory treatments.