Resine by HAIRAWAY®: Procedure For Depilating Bikini Line

Procedure For Depilating Bikini Line

Advantages of using Resine by HAIRAWAY® Brazilian Blue Wax includes:

  • Allows for working at a relatively low temperature.
  • Only a slight layer (+/- 1 to 2 mm) is applied by means of a wooden spatula.
  • Because of the film creator, the resin remains flexible and elastic for quite some time (doesn’t crumble).
  • No strips are needed.


Before Treatment

Brazilian Blue

Cooling Finish Gel or Slow and Calm Mousse

Disposable Briefs

Wooden spatula

Cold Compress



Use disposable briefs. First treat the skin with Before Treatment to disinfect and dry well.

Make the customer put the sole of one leg against the knee of the other as flat as possible. The customer has to pull the skin to the side with a hand. 

Apply Brazilian Blue in a thin layer with a wooden spatula (till just before the upward muscle), taking care that a thicker layer forms at the end so that you can lift that easily.

Let dry. Remove the resin while the customer tenses the skin on one side and you on the other.

A cold compress may be applied to very sensitive skin, which the customer can press for a moment. Apply Cooling Finish Gel or Slow and Calm Mousse.

Follow the same procedure on the other side.


Download the Resine by HAIRAWAY® brochure for additional information.