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      Lloyd Galaxy Ultimate Elevation, Hylo And Flexion Adjusting Table

      Item# 896 0023
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      Lloyd Galaxy Ultimate Elevation, HyLo, and Flexion Adjusting Table

      This multi-functioning table does just as the name suggests and provides exceptional flexion and tilting capabilities for your patients. It can handle weights up to 400 pounds and can also be customized for shorter patients as well, and even comes with an electronic height selector. The elevation is controlled by hydraulics and has manual and semi-automatic flexion distraction. There is a safety switch that prevents accidental lowering and has other safety features like lockable side bending and even a patient stop switch with automatic flexion. This all-in-one table has the quality innovative technology that your patients need in an adjusting table.

      Standard Features:

      • Hydraulically controlled elevation
      • Tilting (HyLo) capability
      • Manual and semi-automatic flexion distraction
      • Electronic height selector
      • Safety switch prevents accidental lowering
      • Automatic foot plate meets feet when table lifts
      • Lockable side bending
      • Automatic flexion with patient stop switch
      • Variable Height of 22" - 38"
      • Length: 81" - 91"
      • Width: 21"
      • Weight capacity: 400 lbs
      • Limited 3 year warranty on parts

      Optional Features:

      • Lloyd’s superior designed auto and manual cocking drops

      • Rotating chest lumbar with breakaway

      • A retractable flexion T-BAR

      • Total dimension flexion headpiece



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