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      Vinyl Repair Kit

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      Vinyl Repair Kit

      Easy to use, air-dry formula dries clear and blends with all colored vinyl. Dissolves the surface of the vinyl and creates an excellent bond when completely dry. A repair made with VLP is stronger than the original vinyl or leather material.

      How to use:

      • Surface must be clean and dry. For best results avoid direct sunlight, high humidity or breezy conditions.
      • Small Holes/Tears: Apply small amount of VLP to damanged areas. Allow 2 hours minimum dry time.
      • Long Tears: Pull repair together. Using masking tape, stitch together every 1-2”. Apply ½” bead of VLP to uncovered areas. Allow 30 minutes to dry. Carefully remove tape. Apply ½” bead of VLP along entire repair area. Allow 4 hours minimum, dry time before use.
      • Test product in inconspicuous area.
      • Tip: Do not smear VLP on dyed materials as it may cause discolor. Use rubbing alcohol to clean vinyl surfaces. Allow overnight drying whenever possible before use.

      Application Options:

      • VLP is typically used on vinyl furniture, awnings, tarps, vinyl sheeting, luggage, rainwear, boots, etc. Because of its bonding and tensile strength, VLP also acts as a “back-up” to sewn vinyl seams when applied to the backside of the seam in production.



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