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      Single Note Essential Oils

      More than a pretty smell! Essential oils are extracted from various plant materials - flowers, leaves, roots, resin, peel or bark. The oils are produced in one of three ways - steam distillation, expression and solvent extraction – depending on the type of oil. Single Note Oils are pure, concentrated plant extracts. Single Note Essential Oils - Can be used on their own or combined with other essential oils to create a truly custom blend. Provide the highest level of control to easily increase or decrease intensity, add or remove ingredients, etc.

      Lotus Touch French Lavender Essential Oil
      As low as $7.99
      Lotus Touch Single Note Classic Pack
      Bon Vital Aqua EssentialsSale
      As low as $13.16
      As low as $10.00
      Lotus Touch® Stress Away TrioNew
      Lotus Touch® Breathe Easy TrioNew
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