Single Note Essential Oils

More than a pretty smell! Essential oils are made by extracting essence from various plant materials such as flowers, leaves, roots, resin, peel or bark. These aromatic oils, perfect for aromatherapy, are produced in one of three ways - steam distillation, expression and solvent extraction. Single Note Oils are pure, concentrated plant extracts and can be used alone or combined with other essential oils to create a truly custom blend. Massage Warehouse proudly offers a wide selection of quality aromatherapy essential oils for sale. Shop confidently with our 110% Price Match Guarantee!

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    Therapro™ Single Note Essential Oils_100% Pure Essential Oil Therapro™ Single Note Essential Oils 100% Pure Essential Oils
    $6.19 - $22.29
    $5.26 - $18.95
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  2. Lotus Touch Essential Oils - 10 Ml Lotus Touch® Essential Oils - 10 ml & 5 ml
    $5.19 - $40.99
    8  Reviews
  3. Lotus Touch Essential Oils - 100 Ml Lotus Touch® Single-Note Essential Oils - 100% Pure - 100 ml Bottles
    $8.79 - $71.09
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    EarthLite® Single Note Essential Oils EarthLite® Single Note Essential Oils
    $7.99 - $12.99
    $6.79 - $11.04
  5. Lotus Touch French Lavender Essential Oil Lotus Touch French Lavender Essential Oil
    $9.79 - $62.29
    1  Review
  6. Mr. Steam Eucalyptus Essential Oil - Gallon Mr. Steam Eucalyptus Essential Oil - Gallon
  7. Lotus Touch Organic Essential Oils - 10Ml Lotus Touch® 100% Pure Certified Organic Essential Oils - 10 ml
    $7.29 - $20.09
  8. WholeMade® Roll-On Remedy WholeMade® Roll-On Remedy 10 ml
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    Lotus Touch Single Note Classic Pack Lotus Touch Single Note Essential Oils Classic Pack, 10ml
    $30.79 Special Price $24.64
  10. Biotone Essential Oil Single Note BIOTONE® Essential Oil Single Note
  11. Mr. Steam Lavender Essential Oil - Gallon Mr. Steam Lavender Essential Oil - Gallon
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Single Note Oils
Single Note Oils

Single Note Oils


What are single note essential oils?

The word ‘note’ is an important term in the perfume industry meaning ‘ingredient’ and is used as a descriptor of scents that can be sensed upon application.* In reference to aromatherapy, the term ‘single note’ describes an essential oil with one specific essence or ingredient. Single notes are available for purchase individually or in kits and can be used in a diffuser or in a carrier oil or lotion for application to the skin in massage techniques or as a moisturizer. Like single note oils are often combined to create interesting and effective blends to remedy a host of ailments and conditions.

How to blend essential oils?

The art of essential oil blending is the ageless practice of creating synergistic blends for both aromatic and therapeutic purposes. Blending oils are as much an artistic venture as it is scientific, and although achievable, requires a working knowledge of the basic characteristics of single note oils. Essential oil charts are readily available on the internet and will help you choose compatible oils ensuring your blends are effective and aromatic. Choose oils that are complementary to one another; experts advise beginning with three oils as most successful blends consist of a top note, a base note and a middle note.

To begin the blending process, first gather your supplies including dark glass bottles, glass droppers, perfume tester strips, labels and a pen. Make sure your work area is covered and that you handle each single note essential oil with care as some oils can cause irritation to the skin or damage surfaces. Use a dropper to add small drops of oil to the perfume tester strips and experience the varying aromas. Then using your intuition and previously conducted smell tests, experiment with different ratios to create your blend directly in the glass bottle. Popular ratios include 1:1:1 and 3:5:2. Upon completion, tightly seal the bottle and label it with the blend ingredients and creation date. Store the new blend in a cool dark place for a few days before using.

How do I use essential oils?

Single note essential oils can be used individually or in blends directly on the skin either in pure form or in a carrier oil. They can also be used aromatically when diffused or taken internally in food or beverages. To use in an aromatherapy massage, simply mix a few drops of the chosen aromatic in the massage oil, cream or lotion of your choice. Many therapists choose to diffuse the same oil during the treatment to add to the ambiance.

PLEASE NOTE: No essential oil should be used without first consulting the manufacturer’s instructions as not all oils can be safely used in all three ways.

Do essential oils expire?

Yes. Although aromatherapy essential oils do not become rancid, they will change properties over time and possibly deteriorate and lose effectiveness. It is recommended to discard expired essential oils. Proper storage, however, will ensure a complete shelf life.