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Reflexology Massage Supplies & Products

Reflexology massage focuses on areas on the hands and feet to facilitate the flow of energy through the body while providing a relaxing experience for clients. Massage Warehouse offers a comprehensive line of reflexology massage therapy equipment, products, and supplies from industry-leading brands so you can confidently add this effective treatment to your services menu. Choose from helpful resource charts, essential oils and lotions, and reflexology chairs at the best prices guaranteed. Shop confidently with Massage Warehouse's Price Match Guarantee and affordable shipping options.

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  1. Lotus Touch Bamboo Silk Massage Lotion Lotus Touch Organic Naturals™ Bamboo Silk Massage Lotion
    $11.39 - $59.09
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  2. Bon Vital Foot Balm Bon Vital'® Foot Balm - Original Formula Herbal Vitamin Creme
    $61.59 - $123.09
    20  Reviews
  3. Custom Craftworks Reflexology Bolster Custom Craftworks Reflexology Bolster
    $163.69 - $181.29
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  4. Custom Craftworks Solutions Destiny Portable Massage Table Custom Craftworks™ Signature Spa Series Destiny Portable Massage Table
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Reflexology Massage
Reflexology Massage

Reflexology Massage


How does reflexology work?

Although there are various theories about reflexology, the dominant view is that specific areas of the feet and hands correspond to specific internal organs and body parts. As a result, you can treat an organ or bodily system by applying pressure to the corresponding area of the foot, hand, or outer ear. Reflexology massage practitioners refer to this concept as the zone theory. The zone theory asserts that your foot has five zones from heel to toe. Zone one is the big toe, and zone 5 is the pinkie toe. The other zones lie between those points. In relation, your body has ten zones from head to toe. Therefore, when a reflexology foot massage therapist applies pressure on zone one in your foot, the movement can relieve pain in the corresponding organ or system.

Is reflexology a type of massage?

Reflexology is one of the massage modalities. However, its approach and purpose differ vastly from the other massage types. Massage practitioners use other therapies to relieve tension, relax muscles, and increase circulation to enhance health. Conversely, reflexology is a natural treatment for disorders in your body’s organs or systems.

When using reflexology, massage therapists often concentrate on the feet. But they can also use the pressure points on the client’s hands and ears. Although reflexology differs from other massage types, practitioners still use massage oils, lotions, and creams like the Bon Vital® Foot Balm and the Lotus Touch Organic Naturals™ Bamboo Silk Massage Lotion.

What does it mean when a reflexology point hurts?

Reflexology originates from the Chinese medicine concept of “chi,” or the life force energy circulating through your body. So, suppose you feel pain or soreness in the targeted area of the feet during a reflexology massage. In this case, it indicates that imbalances and blocked chi energies exist in the corresponding body part. As a result, the reflexologist may concentrate more intensely on that area of your foot to free the meridian energy flows. Your foot pain or soreness should decrease from the release of endorphins. Alternatively, you can use a Trigger Point Pro Self Massager for this purpose.

What supplies do I need to offer reflexology services?

The most essential piece of equipment you need to offer reflexology services is a massage table or a chair like a Reclining Reflexology Chair-Ergonomic Folding Chair. Next, you will need supporting gear, such as a rolling stool, bolster, footrests, linens, storage bins, a music system, a desk, lighting, and towels. On the treatment side, you will need reflexology massage oils, lotions, and creams, along with foot powder and aromatherapy supplies. In addition, you should get some reflexology charts to help you explain to patients how the therapy works.

What types of reflexology massages are there?

There are eleven types of reflexology massages. But the five most common types are foot reflexology, hand reflexology, ear reflexology, facial reflexology, and maternity reflexology. All five types focus on pressure points on the specific body part corresponding with the adjoining organs or ailment. Other types of reflexology massage are body, craniosacral, dermoneural, Praxis Vertebralis Neuro-foot, fertility, and vertical. These six types of reflexology massages use reflex points in the feet or hands to evoke a specific response from a corresponding organ or system for specialized treatment.

Does reflexology help with plantar fasciitis?

In addition to traditional remedies like consistent use of a night splint and rolling the arch of your foot over a tennis ball, reflexology can be a natural and viable way to ease the painful symptoms of plantar fasciitis and promote quicker recovery. Since inflammation is the source of pain from plantar fasciitis, manipulating the foot to help lessen muscle tension and remove adhesions through reflexology massage can effectively alleviate discomfort and restore normal foot movement. Reflexology practitioners can use specific techniques to improve the circulation of oxygen-rich blood capable of removing toxins.

What are the benefits of reflexology?

Besides being an excellent complement to other therapies, reflexology has many potential benefits, including pain reduction, stress relief, mood enhancement, immunity reinforcement, and improved circulation. Also, several creditable studies by the National Cancer Institute and others verify that reflexology relieves pain and anxiety.