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      Reflexology Massage Supplies & Products

      Reflexology massage uses hand and foot massages to help the flow of energy through the body while providing a relaxing experience for patients. Our reflexology massage therapy equipment, products, and supplies will allow you to confidently offer this option to your patients. With helpful resource charts, essential oils and lotions, and chairs to provide the proper posture, you can find everything you need to start providing reflexology massage at your practice right here.

      Lotus Touch Bamboo Silk Massage LotionSale
      As low as $8.49
      As low as $7.22
      Trigger Point ProSale
      Mini Foot Reflexology Chart 4"X5"
      Int. Institute Of Reflexology Foot Chart 23 X 30"
      Acuforce Massage Star X-Large (Dark Blue)
      Reflexology For The Feet And Hands Dvd
      Reclining Reflexology Chair Bag - Black
      8.5" X 11" Foot And Hand Charts Set
      Reclining Reflexology Chair - Black
      Reflexology Hand And Foot Reflex Chart 18X24 Inch
      Laminated Foot Reflexology Chart 8.5" X 11"
      Ceramic Globes
      Comprehensive Reflexology And Massage: Foot Dvd
      8.5" X 11" Hand Chart
      At Peace Video "Feet Reflexology Massage" Vol1 Dvd
      Reflexology The Whitehawk Method Dvd
      As low as $49.99
      Reflexology Hand & Foot Chart Laminated 17 X 21
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