Disposable Massage Underwear, Spa Undergarments & Esthetic Supplies

Looking for a way to reduce your laundry expenses while still providing your clients with the utmost modesty? Look no further than our selection of disposable spa underwear! Whether you need bras, panties, esthetic wipes, or other disposable spa supplies, we have exactly what you need at the best prices guaranteed. Not only will our disposable spa underwear save you money on laundry, but it will also protect your client's personal lingerie from damage or stains. With our selection, you can be sure to find the perfect fit and style for every client. Give us a try today and see the difference!

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  1. Elastic Disposable Headbands W/ Elastic Closure 48 Pack Elastic Disposable Headbands With Velcro Closure 48 Pack
  2. Amber Circular Sponges Amber Circular Sponges
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  3. Ladies Hi Cut Disposable Panties Black 6/Pack Ladies Hi Cut Disposable Panties Black 6/Pack
  4. DUKAL Reflections™ 2 x 2 Cotton Filled Nail Wipes 200/Pack DUKAL™ Spa Reflections™ 2" x 2" Cotton Nail Wipes 200/Pack
  5. Sale
    Flowery® No Mess, No Fuss Disposable Foil Wraps Flowery® No Mess, No Fuss Disposable Foil Wraps
    $24.29 Special Price $13.79
  6. Intrinsics® Expand-A-Coil Non-Reinforced Intrinsics® Expand-A-Coil Non-Reinforced
  7. Dukal Relections™ Spa Undergarments Thong Panty Bag of 100 DUKAL™ Spa Relections™ Spa Undergarments Thong Panty Bag of 100
  8. Intrinsics® Gauze Facial Mask Intrinsics® Gauze Facial Mask - 50 Count
  9. Amber Mini Mud Warmer Plastic Cups 100 Pack Amber Mini Mud Warmer Plastic Cups 100 Pack
  10. DUKAL™ Spa Reflections™ Disposable Washcloths DUKAL™ Spa Reflections™ Disposable Washcloths
  11. Dynarex Sterile Alcohol Pads Medium Box of 200 (alcohol wipes) Dynarex Sterile Alcohol Pads Medium Box of 200 (alcohol wipes)
  12. intrinsics Cotton Band 1.25 Intrinsics® Cotton Band
  13. Sale
    Disposable Backless Elastic Bra/White 6Pk. 1 Size Disposable Backless Elastic Bra White 6 Pack. 1 Size
    $2.49 Special Price $1.87
  14. Dukal Relections™ Spa Undergarments - Mens Boxers in Black - 1 Pair Dukal Reflections™ Spa Undergarments - Men's Disposable Black Boxers, 1 Pair
    $1.49 - $1.59
  15. Sale
    Diane® by FROMM Powder Free Vinyl Gloves White100 Pack Diane® by FROMM Powder Free Vinyl Gloves White100 Pack
  16.  Intrinsics Bikinis 100 Ct Intrinsics Disposable Bikinis - Breathable, Extra-Wide Waistband - 100/pack
  17. Intrinsics® Pink Heart Compressed Sponges 75 Count Intrinsics® Pink Heart Compressed Sponges 75 Count
  18. Amber Mini Mud Warmer Plastic Cups 50 Pack Amber Mini Mud Warmer Plastic Cups 50 Pack
  19. Dynarex BZK Antiseptic Towelettes Box of 100 Dynarex BZK Antiseptic Towelettes Box of 100
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What is disposable massage underwear and what is it used for?

Disposable spa underwear is an undergarment that massage clients can wear for privacy to avoid soiling their own undergarments. Massages often include products like massage oil which can stain undergarments. Other spa treatments like spray tanning, for example, can stain. In this case, disposable underwear is also handy.

Can you wash disposable underwear?

It is not advised to wash disposable thongs or other disposable underwear. They are made of recycled materials and biodegradable materials so they may not survive a wash. Disposable underwear is made for one-time use. Using disposable underwear only once also ensures that you offer each client a sterile undergarment option. You risk transmitting bacteria from one client to another if you wash disposable underwear and they are not completely sterilized. It is recommended to use disposable underwear as per the instructions on the packaging.

Is disposable underwear comfortable?

There are many choices when it comes to disposable underwear, including Black Disposable Boxer Underwear. They are not intended for extended wear. For use in the short term, they are relatively comfortable. They are made from a soft fabric and they come with an elastic waistband so they can sit comfortably on individuals of all sizes. Disposable underwear may not be comfortable if you wear them for an extended period, but in the short term, a good pair of cotton disposable underwear should feel perfectly comfortable.

What is disposable underwear made from?

Disposable underwear for massage is typically made from 100% lightweight cotton. This means they are breathable, soft, and comfortable to wear. The light cotton material allows air to flow through, unlike synthetic materials. This can prevent the skin from getting irritated or sweating while wearing the undergarments. Cotton is also a hypo-allergenic material which makes it suitable for everyone to wear.

Are cotton rounds or esthetic wipes better for spa treatments?

The answer to this question really depends on the type of spa treatment they are being used for. DUKAL™ Spa Reflections™ Cotton Rounds are ideal for makeup removal, facials, and other facial treatments. They are made of a soft, quilted, absorbent fabric. They are very gentle on the skin. DUKAL™ Spa Reflections™ Beauty Wipes are much thicker and are better for manicures and gel nail product removal. Cotton rounds may fall apart when you are trying to dissolve a gel manicure. Esthetic wipes are thicker and designed to last longer so they are ideal for this type of spa treatment. In most spa or salon settings, both of these products are important.

Which disposable spa products are must-haves?

There are loads of disposable spa products to choose from, including esthetic supplies. The top products will depend on the services you offer. If you offer spray tans or massages, disposable underwear and disposable massage table sheets are essential. If you offer facials, you'll want to have some cotton rounds and disposable gloves on hand. If you offer esthetic services like hair removal, you may want to have disposable wax spatulas. Esthetic wipes are also a great disposable product to have because they are great for gel manicures. In general, it is best to use disposable spa products whenever the garment will come into contact with a sensitive area. This can help protect both you and your clients.

Should I provide disposable undergarments to my mobile customers?

You should always have some disposable underwear on hand for your clients even if you are going to them. You can ask them to ensure they have a fresh pair of black undergarments ready for your session, but if the session isn't at their home, this may not be possible. It's a good idea to have some disposable spa underwear with you whenever you visit with clients. The goal is to reduce the transmission of bacteria between clients or between yourself and clients. Having a set with you is an added convenience your clients will appreciate.