Eco-Friendly Spa Products and Treatments From Saltability For Environmentally Conscious Spa-Goers

As a three-time ISPA Innovation Award winner and a Green Spa Network Sustainability Award finalist, Saltability is committed to delivering eco-friendly products that make a difference for Earth Day and every day.

Among Saltability’s environmentally conscious products is the Himalayan salt stone warmer, which features LED technology that delivers an estimated energy efficiency of 80% to 90% compared to traditional lighting and requires less power than traditional warmers. In addition, the U.S.-manufactured warmer features shielded metal housing that blocks electromagnetic pollution to protect against negative effects.

“I think the idea of an eco-friendly warmer and using Himalayan salt stones, with all their benefits, is really innovative and something the spa industry has needed for some time,” said Blake Feeney, Feeney & Co. Spa Consulting.

Saltability provides quality Himalayan salt stone products mined from the Himalayas in Pakistan through socially and environmentally responsible manufacturing. A Himalayan salt stone massage can balance the body’s electromagnetic field and naturally soothes stress and tension. It simultaneously relaxes and balances the central nervous system, using strategic points and specific combinations to balance energy. When heated, the salt emits negative ions that reduce indoor air pollution and allergens as well as improve sleep.

“Saltability understands the importance of caring for its surroundings and knows that rebalancing your body should not come at an environmental cost,” said Saltability founder and CEO Ann Brown.

For more information on Saltability and its eco-friendly products and treatments, visit the Saltability page.