Reasons Why Waxing is Better than Shaving

Caught in a dilemma, many find themselves needing to shave their hair every day. Not only is the notion of waxing, with the need to allow the hair to grow in, an off-putting one, but the task of constantly letting it grow in again is overwhelming.

Nevertheless, waxing can be a highly beneficial method, offering swift, long-lasting results to those averse to hair. After waxing an area three times, with no shaving in between, it becomes possible to avoid having to shave for weeks on end. Furthermore, when hair does start to regrow, it will be soft and much sparser.

Waxing versus shaving - understanding the differences and how they work. 

Shaving is a common and easy way to remove hair from the surface of the skin. But this practice is not necessarily the best method - by cutting off the top of the hair, the follicle can become stronger, resulting in thicker, coarser hair that grows back in a matter of hours. Irritation and a rough stubble are then created.

In contrast, waxing removes hair from the root. To achieve this, the hair should be left to grow in for three weeks, or at least the first-time waxing. It is important to use high-quality wax to prevent any hair breakage - this could cause the same result as shaving. During the first appointment, a few hairs may remain as they come in various lengths - but a creamy wax will successfully remove even the shortest, coarsest hair.

Cirépil Escential Rose is a good option here. Its creamy texture seeps down to the base of the hair, making a ‘shrink wrap’ effect that traps it for removal. By waxing monthly, hair can grow in cycles, ensuring all strands are the same length. The result of waxing is not only that the hair follicle is weakened, but also that all hair is removed at the same time. This can take several weeks to grow back.

If the hair is softer and easier to remove, it is advisable to switch to a hypoallergenic wax such as Cirépil Boudoir, with its sweet cotton candy aroma. In this way, you will experience the full benefit of waxing, as opposed to going back and forth between waxing and shaving.

To recap the differences between waxing and shaving: 

Shaving requires a significant amount of time daily and leaves stubble within a few hours. It requires purchasing razors and shaving gel or cream, and can lead to painful bumps, ingrown hair, and irritation that can last days. Plus, the hair grows back thicker, coarser, and denser.

Conversely, waxing only needs to be done once a month and leaves the skin feeling smooth for weeks. Moreover, it is more cost-effective than buying razors. Discover a vast array of hair removal wax and supplies by visiting today!


*This blog post is endorsed by Cirépil® and all information adapted from the Cirépil® blog “Waxing VS Shaving” has been credited in the post.