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  1. Facial Steamer With Ozone And Rolling Stand B&S Facial Steamer With Ozone And Rolling Stand
  2. Ion Facial Steamer with Magnifying Lamp B&S Ion Facial Steamer with Magnifying Lamp
  3. Silverfox Facial Steamer, F-003 Silverfox Facial Steamer, F-003
  4. Square Facial Steamer With Adjustable Arm Square Facial Steamer with Adjustable Arm
  5. Replacement Jar For Facial Steamer Item 271 0145 FS-201 Replacement Part - Steamer Jar
  6. B&S Ultrasonic for Face & Body Replacement Part - Eye Probe B&S Ultrasonic for Face & Body Replacement Part - Eye Probe
  7. 3-In-1 Facial Sys. W/Steamer,Mag Lamp,High Frequen B&S Ion Facial Steamer with High Frequency Ultraviolet Light & Magnifying Lamp
  8. B&S Facial Steamer Replacement Part - Jar Only B&S Facial Steamer Replacement Part - Jar Only
  9. Paragon Swing Arm For Steamer Kit Swing Arm for Magnifying Lamp on Paragon Facial Vaporizer Steamer
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  10. Bio-Therapeutic bt-micro® Fusion Bio-Therapeutic bt-micro® Fusion
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  11. Silverfox Portable High Frequency Machine, P-02 Silverfox Portable High Frequency Machine, P-02
  12. Bio-Therapeutic bt-analyze® Bio-Therapeutic bt-analyze®
  13. B&S Magnifying Lamp with Adjustable Metal Arm B&S Magnifying Lamp with Adjustable Metal Arm
  14. B&S 4-in-1 Multi Function Unit B&S 4-in-1 Multi Function Unit
  15. Silverfox Facial Steamer, FM-601 Silverfox Facial Steamer, FM-601
  16. Paragon Table-Top Steamer Paragon® Tabletop Facial Vaporizer & Facial Steamer
  17. Paragon® Spartan Digital Facial Steamer Paragon® Spartan Digital Facial Steamer
  18. B&S High Frequency Machine B&S High Frequency Machine
  19. Equipro Vac-Spray Accessories Equipro Vac-Spray Accessories
    $6.50 - $59.00
  20. Dermalogic Irving 8 Function Facial Steamer Dermalogic Irving 8 Function Facial Steamer
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Facial Systems
Facial Systems

Facial Systems

What is a facial machine?

Facial machines are high-quality pieces of esthetic equipment designed for professional facial treatments in salons and spas. The most common facial machine in any salon is a facial steamer, which helps unclog pores and remove deep blackheads. The facial steamer machine is closely followed by microdermabrasion machines and multi-function units that cover a variety of treatments, such as high-frequency with different electrodes, spraying, vacuum procedures, and ultrasonic therapy.

What products and equipment are used during a facial?

An indispensable facial machine is a steamer, as it helps prep the skin for further treatments. It usually comes with a magnifying lamp and advanced models also have a high-frequency UV light to stimulate blood circulation, kill bacteria, and increase skin metabolism. Additional treatments can be performed with the help of facial equipment like dermabrasion machines, skin scrubbers, bio-electric machines that stimulate face muscles to tone the skin, and multifunctional machines that also perform galvanic iontophoresis, hot and cold treatments, and vacuum massage. More advanced spa equipment can perform liquid hydrogen exfoliation and portable LED systems are used to address scar reduction, hair growth, skin rejuvenation, and even pain relief.

How does a facial steamer machine work?

A facial steamer machine comes with a water tank and a heating function that transforms water into steam. This steam is directed towards the face to help open up the pores, moistening and cleansing the skin. Ion facial steamers with ozone guarantee the steam is sterile and facilitate the easy absorption of oxygen into the skin. Unless the manufacturer specifies otherwise, it is recommended to only use distilled water in professional facial machines. This helps prolong the life of steamers by minimizing mineral buildup.

Is a steamer good for your face?

Using a facial cleaning machine with steam is the foundation of many facial treatments and it has beneficial effects like softening blackheads for easier extraction, releasing built-up sebum in the pores, hydrating the skin, and helping it better absorb beauty products. However, there are cases when steamers are not recommended, and that is if the skin is highly sensitive or prone to rosacea, eczema, has broken capillaries, active acne, or seborrheic dermatitis. The heat in the steam can worsen these skin conditions and is better replaced with cool soaks.

How often should you use face steamer?

Face steaming is generally recommended once a week for dry or thin skin and sessions last no more than 7-8 minutes. People with thicker, oily skin can use a facial steamer machine twice a week. If not sure what is best for you, do not hesitate to ask your aesthetician or dermatologist for advice on treatment type and frequency.

What are the disadvantages of steaming my face?

Unless you have inflammatory skin conditions that heat can aggravate, face steaming for a few minutes is beneficial on a weekly basis. If you enjoy the benefits of a facial steamer machine and what to keep your skin hydrated, you may be tempted to use it more frequently, but this has in fact the opposite effect, drying the skin on the face and neck and making it more prone to fungal or bacterial infections.

Which type of steamer is best for the face?

Facial steamers range from small, portable tabletop vaporizers to all-in-one professional facial machines. Regardless of model or size, all spa equipment with a steaming function is meant to be used for the face, but multifunctional units are generally preferred to save time and money. Besides acting like a facial steamer machine, complex esthetic equipment can also include facial rotating brushes, a magnifying lamp, and a Wood's lamp to better inspect the skin, and a spot remover for freckles, age spots, or even tattoos. This type of multi-function facial equipment can perform vacuum cleaning and massage, hot and cold treatments, as well as spray, galvanic, ultrasonic, and high-frequency functions.