• Take Care of Your Massage Table
    Take Care of Your Massage Table

    Everything in our lives requires a certain amount of maintenance.  From our cars, our technology, our bodies, to even our relationships; each require regular routine maintenance to ensure optimum performance.  This is especially true of equipment we use in our work.  As a massage therapist this includes your biggest tool of the trade – your table.

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  • Introducing Chair Massage to Your Practice
    Introducing Chair Massage to Your Practice

    Everybody needs a massage; they just don’t all know it yet.  As a licensed and trained massage therapist you know the healing benefits that your skilled touch can bring to people who lead busy, stressful, hectic lives.  And who doesn’t fall into one of those categories these days?  Reducing stress alone will positively impact your clients’ health in many ways, allowing them to sleep better, maintain a healthy weight, get sick less often, recovering at a quicker rate when they do, and also just be in an overall better mood.  A seated chair massage can be the best way to bring these healing effects to more people, and introducing a portable massage chair to your practice can really boost your bottom line.

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  • Fire & Ice
    Fire & Ice

    Rejuvenate mind and body with this circulation boosting contrast therapy. Help clients decrease pain and increase circulation to areas of injury and restricted blood flow by utilizing alternating hot and cold packs.

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  • Introduction to Hot Stone Massage - Indulge in Relaxation
    Introduction to Hot Stone Massage - Indulge in Relaxation

    Steeped in tradition and passed down through the centuries, Hot Stone Massage Therapy remains one of the most luxurious indulgences on the massage menu. Dating back to ancient Egypt, this age-old healing therapy has been used across the globe - from Native American sweat lodge ceremonies to the Indian practice of Ayurveda. But what is it about adding heated rocks to a massage that makes this practice remain relevant? 

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  • Massage Table Must-Haves
    Massage Table Must-Haves

    Massage therapy’s primary goals are alleviating client discomfort and increasing relaxation. To that end, spa owners take great care in creating a relaxing environment. From the wall color and the massage table linens to the music, lighting, and aromas, each detail is carefully selected to provide a memorable experience. A good massage therapist knows, however, that tailoring each treatment to meet the client’s individual needs within that environment is an essential part of the comfort equation. 

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