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Massage Therapy Supply and Equipment Press Releases

  • 5 Simple Steps to Ensure Your Client's First Brazilian Wax is a Breeze
    Brazilian waxing can be a positive experience if certain criteria are met. This includes the waxing professional having advanced education and practice, using a high-quality wax, breaking down the process into stages, properly prepping the skin before waxing, and keeping the waxing studio cool and well-ventilated. Following these steps can make the experience smoother for both the waxing professional and the client.
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  • Reasons Why Waxing is Better than Shaving
    Reasons Why Waxing is Better than Shaving
    Waxing is a beneficial hair removal method that offers long-lasting results compared to shaving, which only lasts a few hours and can cause painful bumps and ingrown hairs. Waxing should be done once a month with high-quality wax for the best results. offers a variety of wax and supplies for hair removal.
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  • Eco-Friendly Spa Products and Treatments From Saltability For Environmentally Conscious Spa-Goers
    Eco-Friendly Spa Products and Treatments From Saltability For Environmentally Conscious Spa-Goers

    As a three-time ISPA Innovation Award winner and a Green Spa Network Sustainability Award finalist, Saltability is committed to delivering eco-friendly products that make a difference for Earth Day and every day. “Saltability understands the importance of caring for its surroundings and knows that rebalancing your body should not come at an environmental cost,” said Saltability founder and CEO Ann Brown.

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  • Take Care of Yourself With Himalayan Detox Bath Salt
    Take Care of Yourself With Himalayan Detox Bath Salt

    Caring for your physical and mental well-being is essential in uncertain times. During periods of stress and anxiety, your body responds accordingly, altering your heart rate, breathing, blood pressure and hormone levels. One way to take care of yourself? Detox with a sole bath, a cleansing salt bath that draws out toxins from within.

    Bathing with Himalayan salt, a natural stress reliever, allows your body to absorb the minerals from the salt while releasing toxins and negative energy into the water. In addition, it’s helpful for skin problems such as eczema and psoriasis, and electrolytes in the salt help relieve aches and muscle pains.

    In her book Water and Salt: The Essence of Life, Dr. Barbara Hendel explains that a 30-minute sole bath featuring Himalayan salt has the cleansing effect of a three-day juice fast.

    To complete the challenge, try using Saltability’s Himalayan Detox Bath Salt, recognized as one of the 10 Best Bath Soaks and Soaps on Spirituality & Health’s Beauty 100 list.

    How to create a sole bath at home:
    • Add entire contents of the 2-pound bag of Himalayan Detox Bath Salt to one bath.
    • Soak for a minimum of 20 minutes. The bathwater will appear a bit cloudy; that means the salt is helping your body detoxify.
    • Rest for 30 minutes after the bath.

    Do this for yourself — you deserve it.

    To shop Saltability's Himalayan Detox Bath Salt, click here.
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  • High Quality, Low Cost with Saltability
    High Quality, Low Cost with Saltability

    With low cost per treatment and high flexibility, Himalayan salt exfoliations are great value adds for any spa.

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