So, your client is ready to go for their first Brazilian wax and they are feeling a bit apprehensive! It's understandable - stripping down and putting yourself in compromising positions while experiencing a bit of discomfort is not exactly something most people look forward to.

However, you can make the experience more positive and one to remember. Brazilian waxing does not have to be an uncomfortable experience; in fact, most clients usually feel a sense of relief once their first appointment is done, as long as certain criteria have been followed by the waxing professional.

What is a Brazilian Wax?

A Brazilian wax involves the removal of all hair in the bikini area, both front and back. The increased popularity of the service is due to the comfort and smoothness it provides that lasts for up to a month - with the added benefit of softer, sparser hair growth! No need to worry about going for a spin class or heading to the beach; you'll be ready for whatever!

Although it may be a little daunting to the client, it will become much easier to get through the waxing appointments with each session - since the hair follicle becomes less painful to wax over time. The goal of the waxing professional should be to make the appointment as smooth as possible - literally and figuratively - to gain a loyal client for life.

Prior to the appointment, the client should allow their hair to grow out for a few weeks and should discontinue any use of ingrown hair products a few days beforehand. Then it will be time to get started!

Five tips for making your first Brazilian wax easier and more comfortable.

To make the experience more comfortable for the client and for the waxing professional, it is important to ensure that certain criteria have been followed - namely, the five steps outlined below.

1. Educate yourself - While having a certification from esthetic or cosmetology school is an accomplishment, you will need additional advanced education and practice to become comfortable performing Brazilian waxing services. Look for reputable classes that will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the Brazilian waxing process - preferably a hands-on class - and make sure you feel confident that you can complete the service in 30 minutes or less.

2. Choose the best wax - Use a high-quality wax that provides both you and the client with an easy and comfortable experience. Cirépil BLUE has been voted the #1 wax by estheticians and has been the original hard wax bead since its introduction. Avoid waxes that break or require multiple applications to the same area, as they will take longer, use more wax, and create a subpar experience.

3. Work towards the goal - If the client is feeling a bit hesitant, try breaking down the process into a few stages. If their goal is to get a Brazilian wax for a beach trip, start with a basic bikini wax for the first appointment, then an extended bikini wax for the second, and then the full Brazilian for the third. That way, the majority of the hair being waxed for the first time will be minimal, making the process much more comfortable.

4. Prep the skin - To protect the skin and make the waxing experience more pleasant, it is essential to properly prep the skin beforehand. Consider using a pre-waxing oil to form a barrier between the skin and wax, and help the wax release easily without pulling.

5. Keep it cool - An anxious client is likely to be sweating - which is not conducive to the waxing process. Ensure the waxing studio is well ventilated and remains cool; a warm environment can make the client more uncomfortable, make the wax harder to remove, and slow down the process.

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*This blog post is endorsed by Cirépil® and all information adapted from the Cirépil® blog “First Time Brazilian Wax Made Easy” has been credited in the post.