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      Core Products Therapeutic Supply

      Core Products International, Inc. was founded in 1988 with the idea that therapeutic products should be comfortable to wear and in addition to being medically effective. Our promise is to “make your life more comfortable.” Try one of our pillows, supports, braces or hot and cold therapies, apex cervical orthosis, and you’ll see for yourself why thousands of people around the world take comfort in Core.

      Core Products Thermacore Hydrocollator Packs
      As low as $9.09
      Jeanie Rub Variable Speed Massager- electric massager
      Single Oil Holster With Bottle
      Omni Massage Roller, Black CapSale
      As low as $12.99
      As low as $12.94
      Ladies Comfort Cushion
      As low as $84.99
      D-Core Support Pillow
      As low as $31.97
      Overhead Cervical Traction Unit, Over Door Set
      Single Holster For Massage Lotion Bottles Black
      Core Jackson Roll
      Core Cervical Traction System With Foam Roll
      Core Stress Wedge
      Fleece Pad Cover For Jeanie Rub Massagers- electric massager
      Double Massage Holster For Lotion Bottles Black
      Ladies Comfort Cushion Gray
      Body Pillow With Staphcheck Cover
      Harness For Core Cervical Traction System
      Dual Oil Holster With Bottles
      Core Memory Fm Face Cradle Removable Fleece Cvr
      Core Adult Pelvic Blocks
      Core Fluffy Bolster
      As low as $30.49
      Terry Cloth Jeanie Rub Covers - 3 Pack - electric massager
      Core Peak Bolster
      As low as $49.49
      Omni Roller Buy 10 Get 2 Free + Display Pack: Black Caps with Assorted Colors
      Core Mesh Sitback Rest
      Surcheck Jeanie Rub Covers - 3 Pack
      Core Knee Elevator
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