1. Fire & Ice

    Fire & Ice

    Rejuvenate mind and body with this circulation boosting contrast therapy. Help clients decrease pain and increase circulation to areas of injury and restricted blood flow by utilizing alternating hot and cold packs.

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  2. Introduction to Hot Stone Massage - Indulge in Relaxation

    Introduction to Hot Stone Massage - Indulge in Relaxation

    Steeped in tradition and passed down through the centuries, Hot Stone Massage Therapy remains one of the most luxurious indulgences on the massage menu. Dating back to ancient Egypt, this age-old healing therapy has been used across the globe - from Native American sweat lodge ceremonies to the Indian practice of Ayurveda. But what is it about adding heated rocks to a massage that makes this practice remain relevant? 

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  3. Ready For Radiance

    Ready For Radiance

    Time for a tan? Whether glowing skin comes from lying in the sun or going to a salon to get a spray tan, making sure skin is prepared is an important step. Here’s a treatment that will exfoliate and moisture skin, preparing it for ultimate radiance.

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  4. Coconut Lime Delight - Signature Treatment Series

    Coconut Lime Delight  - Signature Treatment Series
    Escape to a tropical paradise with the delightful scent of coconut and lime. This aromatherapy treatment uses heated coconut compresses and lime essential oil to quench thirsty skin. Benefits: Uplifting for the mind, gentle exfoliation for the skin, providing an overall youthful glow.
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  5. Massage Therapy Treatment for Golfers - Spotlight on Biofreeze

    Massage Therapy Treatment for Golfers - Spotlight on Biofreeze
    Anyone who golfs on a fairly regular basis or lives with one of these weekend warriors knows that there are countless gadgets, gimmicks, tools, and toys that are designed to improve your golf game.
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  6. Day Dreaming

    Day Dreaming

    I am a creative at heart and I thrive on the unique. My mind is often overtaken with thoughts of how to repurpose the mundane or finding innovative ways to approach the same old, same old. I research and learn, probably to a fault. I am not always sure where these thoughts come from but today, I know. I am in desperate need of that blissful day. I NEED that imaginary spa day to become reality. But for now I dream. And part one of my dream looks a little like this…

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  7. Coconut Crush Revival

    Coconut Crush Revival
    Treat skin with this full body exfoliation using a decadent tropical scented body polish made with pure cane sugar, nourishing coconut oil and natural exfoliant of coconut shell powder in a creamy, thick buttery base.
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  8. Erase The Ache

    Erase The Ache
    An arm to hand treatment designed to erase the ache and discomfort of muscles and joints.
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  9. Happy Hydrated Hands

    Happy Hydrated Hands
    Give your clients hands the perfect renewal treatment designed to revitalize and repair dry chapped skin.
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  10. The Perfect “Pear”

    The Perfect “Pear”
    Awaken your skin during this cold winter with a refreshing exfoliation that helps restore the skin’s natural radiance preparing it for ultra-hydrating moisture. Perfect for a couples treatment – The Perfect “Pear” provides uplifting aromas of Pear & Ginger to enhance the senses.
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