Bon Vital' Tootsie Roll
BV Tootsie Roll Treatment

Treatment Guide

  1. Begin with client in supine position.
  2. Have your client bend their knees and position their feet flat on the table. Place the TheraBand® Foot Roller under one foot and have your client roll back and forth on the TheraBand Foot Roller to release tension and stretch out the muscles of the feet and toes.
  3. Repeat on other foot.
  4. Apply Bon Vital’® Foot Balm to your hands and start your tension-relieving foot and leg massage on the top of the foot, utilizing long fluid strokes with deeper pressure on the up stroke than the down stroke. Make sure to start on the foot and work up the front of the leg to the knee, then back to the foot.
  5. To massage the calf muscles, first hold the ankle up - this will give you the best access. Do long effleurage strokes then knead the calf muscle away from the bone pushing it upward and outward, gradually working up the leg. When you reach the knee, release the pressure and glide back down to the ankle. Repeat this then change hands and knead the other side of the calf.
  6. Now is a great time to do some deeper work on the bottom of the foot. To start, use your knuckles in an up and down stroke on the bottom of the foot, then add long deep strokes along the arch of the foot continuing with deep circular strokes on the ball and heel of the foot.
  7. Then repeat tension-relieving massage on other foot and lower leg.
  8. Place hot towels on both legs and apply compressions. Remove both towels.
  9. Finish the treatment with the TheraBand Foot Roller. Place the TheraBand Foot Roller in one of your hands and place your other hand under the client’s ankle and lift. Roll the TheraBand Foot Roller along the bottom of the foot and up the back of the calf. This is a great time to instruct your client on the best way to use the TheraBand Foot Roller at home.
  10. Apply Biofreeze® Professional Gel to the whole leg and foot.*
  11. Give client TheraBand Foot Roller to take home for home care.

Home Care Instructions: The TheraBand Foot Roller can be used room temperature or frozen. Client should place the TheraBand Foot Roller on the ground and put their bare foot on top of it. Apply pressure with foot to the TheraBand Foot Roller and slowly roll it in a back and forth motion from the ball of foot to the heel. Add a gentle toe stretch with the TheraBand Foot Roller by placing it under toes and apply light pressure.

Take Home: Recommend a tube of Bon Vital’ Foot Balm as well as a tube of Biofreeze Professional Gel. Build the cost of these items into the treatment cost or as an add-on after the treatment.

Contraindications: General massage contraindications including open sores, fractures and sprains in the leg and foot.
*Use Biofreeze as indicated. Before applying Biofreeze, be sure to wipe area clean of all massage lubricants.