Erase The Ache - Arm to Hand CBD Massage Treatment

Erase The Ache

An arm to hand treatment designed to erase the ache and discomfort of muscles and joints. The use of the Lab Blends Professional CBD Massage Balm allows for an enriched treatment with unmatched workability and superior versatility.

Session Time: 30 min
Recommended Price: $45 - $55
Cost Per Treatment: $2.55

Lab Blends 660mg CBD Massage Balm, 1/3 oz

4 Warm Hand Towels

1. Position client on the massage table in a supine position.

2. Perform a gentle rocking compression from the shoulder to the hip.

3. Starting at the head of the table, apply a 5 second compression to the front of the chest. Slowly increase the pressure of the compression. Repeat movement down each arm.

4. Pump a dime size amount of Lab Blends Professional CBD Massage Balm into the palm of your hand. Rub hands together and then apply balm to client’s right arm from the wrist to the occipital ridge.

5. Perform 4 slow effleurage stokes from the wrist to the occipital ridge. Start with the hand palm down and rotate the arm with each successive stroke.

6. Perform 4 slow push/pull movements starting at the client’s wrist and moving to the shoulder.

7. Cover area(s) with a warm hand towel and allow penetration for five minutes.

8. Repeat steps 4 – 7 on left arm.

9. Incorporate trigger point and stretching to effectively reduce tension and aid in recovery.

Download the PDF version here.