The Perfect Brows with Resine by HAIRAWAY®

The Perfect Brow Wax Protocol from Resiné by HAIRAWAY®




  1. Clean the area along the eyebrows with eye make-up remover and wipe dry.
  2. Purify the skin with HAIRAWAY BEFORE TREATMENT GEL and wipe dry with a tissue; this will help the wax to pull better on the hairs and not on the skin.
  3. Brush the brows and take your time to define the arch, making sure your client agrees. Trace an imaginary line from the corner of the mouth along the inner corner of the eye and again, from the corner of the mouth along the outer corner of the eye. In between, trace the arch.
  4. Slightly tighten the skin above and beside the brow between your thumb and your middle finger, without pulling the brow too high.
  1. Use the CHROMED SPATULA WITH WOODEN GRIP to spread a small layer of hard wax below the eyebrow arch, in the direction of the hair growth.
  2. Whilst pushing slightly with your thumb on the outside of the wax, put your index finger underneath to loosen the wax from the skin.
  3. Tear off in one smooth movement in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Immediately apply pressure to relieve any discomfort.
  4. Use tweezers to pull out any stray hairs.
  5. Calm down the skin by applying HAIRAWAY COOLING FINISH GEL.
  6. Use an eyebrow pencil for the finishing touch.