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Pro Tips

  1. Coconut Crush Revival

    Coconut Crush Revival
    Treat skin with this full body exfoliation using a decadent tropical scented body polish made with pure cane sugar, nourishing coconut oil and natural exfoliant of coconut shell powder in a creamy, thick buttery base.
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  2. Erase The Ache

    Erase The Ache
    An arm to hand treatment designed to erase the ache and discomfort of muscles and joints.
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  3. Happy Hydrated Hands

    Happy Hydrated Hands
    Give your clients hands the perfect renewal treatment designed to revitalize and repair dry chapped skin.
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  4. The Perfect “Pear”

    The Perfect “Pear”
    Awaken your skin during this cold winter with a refreshing exfoliation that helps restore the skin’s natural radiance preparing it for ultra-hydrating moisture. Perfect for a couples treatment – The Perfect “Pear” provides uplifting aromas of Pear & Ginger to enhance the senses.
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  5. Biotone Purifying Back Treatment

    Biotone Purifying Back Treatment
    Relax, distress and purify the back of any impurities with this treatment.
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  6. Biotone Precise Pain Relief

    Biotone Precise Pain Relief
    Decrease back pain caused by inflammation, from all that Holiday shopping with state-of-the-art clinical care containing active ingredients and powerful pain fighters. Lab Blends Professional CBD Massage Cream allows for the ultimate massage with precise pain relief.
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  7. Biotone Fresh and Full Hydration

    Biotone Fresh and Full Hydration
    Help your clients escape winter boredom and give them a radiant treatment from head to toe. Gently polish to lift away dry skin accelerating cell renewal and provide an aroma-therapeutic body wrap for total mind-body healing. While relaxing and reviving the body give a refreshing face exfoliation and massage that will soften, tone and nourish skin that’s been exposed to the harsh winter months. Finish with a luxurious full body massage.
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  8. The Stress Eraser

    The Stress Eraser
    Help clients erase away life stresses with this revitalizing treatment. Specifically designed to release tight muscles and integrate the anterior chest, arms, neck, shoulders and back.
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  9. Biotone Winter Warm Up

    Biotone Winter Warm Up
    After many cold winter days, now is a good time to start waking up the body for the spring ahead. Starting with a dry brush exfoliation to stimulate the lymphatic system and increase circulation. Then follow with a warming body wrap, treating the skin to a soothing cocoon of ultra rich hydration. Complete the experience with a deeply relaxing hot stone massage.
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  10. Cupping as Part of Self Care

    Cupping as Part of Self Care
    Cupping can be a powerful tool in anyone’s self-care regimen. It is easy to perform and is good for treating aches and pains, range of motion restrictions, and generally making you feel better.
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