BIOTONE SPA Body Wrap Protocols
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Prior to beginning you can discuss intended outcomes of the treatment and also provide the client an opportunity to select a Customizing Complex.

  1. Start with an EXFOLIATION of the skin (this can be a brief body-brushing or dry-loofah brushing, or a complete Exfoli-Sea Salt Scrub or Micro Buff Body Polish. As you begin this treatment, let your client know the special benefits of the product you are applying. Remove your warm mud from heating area.
  2. While client is preparing to receive the treatment, select Customizing Complex for mud, body butter and retail according to usage chart.
  3. Fold the upper bath towel down and away from the client’s upper body. Insert a breast and pelvic towel as appropriate. Recover the client with the bath towel.
  4. Assist the client into a sitting position. They should remain covered by their bath sheet, breast and pelvic towels. Moving quickly to avoid mud cooling, apply mud in an even layer completely covering the client's back. Use one hand for the mud application. Assist the client to lie back down.
  5. Move to the lower part of the table. Instruct client to bend her right knee, with foot resting on table, and then lean her knee slightly to the inside to allow proper coverage with the mud to hip/buttock area. Apply the mud beginning at the hip and back of thigh to back of ankle. Assist the client to rest her leg on the table again. Apply the mud to top of the leg in the same manner. Avoid applying mud to the feet.
  6. When leg is completely covered with mud, cover with plastic. Wrap the foot also. Repeat application on the other leg. When finished cover the lower body with a bath sheet to keep the client warm.
  7. Move to the left upper side of the table. Standing on the client’s left side, fold the upper bath towel down and away from the client’s chest and stomach area. Apply mud to the stomach, then left arm and décolletage. Cover the left arm with the plastic. Finish with mud application to the right arm and also wrap with plastic. Have the client place her arms in a comfortable resting position for the duration of the wrap.
  8. While standing at the head of the table, pull up all layers simultaneously and wrap client with underlying thermal wrap, flat sheet, blanket and flat sheet together. Place a bath sheet over this cocoon to seal in heat. You may wish to place an eye-pillow over the client's eyes while she rests. Insert bolster. Leave the room, allowing her rest for 15-20 minutes. (IF USING TABLE WARMER, TURN OFF AT THIS TIME).
  9. Return and provide the client with a 5-10 minute scalp massage or foot treatment.
  10. Having a folded warm moist towel ready, peel away the plastic from the upper body while rolling the soiled plastic down towards the table. Remove mud from the stomach. Fold towel again and remove any excess off the stomach. Reverse fold the towel and fold once more. Remove mud from the décolletage and arms.
  11. Assist the client to sit up. With a fresh warm moist hand towel, press the towel lengthwise along the back to moisten the mud. Then remove the remaining mud from the back.
  12. Prior to the client lying back down, roll the plastic and thermal blanket towards her buttocks. Have the client lie down and cover her upper body with a bath sheet.
  13. Peel back the plastic from the client’s right leg. Starting with the right leg, remove the mud with a separate fresh moist hand towel, following the same towel folding and refolding procedures. As the leg is cleansed, have the client lift her hip and roll/fold the plastic and thermal blanket under from the body. Repeat on the client’s left leg. Remove the plastic/thermal blanket from the table entirely. Cover client with a bath sheet to prevent chilling.
  14. At this point in the treatment, you can finish with a 5-10 minute application of a hydrating lotion, smoothing butter, or proceed with a massage therapy service. If applying a butter, mix in the Customizing Complex thoroughly with fingers prior to application and float in hydrocollator to make sure it is warm enough to blend. As you begin this step of the treatment, let your client know the special benefits of the product you are applying and also inform them about retail products available to prolong the benefits and results of the treatments they received. Note: (DO THIS ONLY IF MOVING TO A MASSAGE) Hold up the bath sheet and Instruct the client to lie face up on top of the fitted sheet, and underneath the flat sheet and blanket. Then, incorporate a massage with body butter to expand the procedure, making it a full 1½ hour treatment.
  15. Undrape and recover the client as appropriate while you apply the finishing lotion or butter. Start with the right leg, then left, then move to the stomach and décolletage, left arm, then right. When applying lubricant to the stomach, use a breast towel to cover the client.
  16. When finished with the front side, hold up the upper bath sheet between you and the client and have the client turn over onto her stomach. Apply lubricant starting with the left leg, then right, and finish with upper back. When treatment is complete, leave the room and let the client rest until she is ready to get dressed.