BIOTONE SPA Exfoli-Sea Salt Glow Protocol



Prior to beginning you can discuss intended outcomes of the treatment and also provide the client an opportunity to select a Customizing Complex.

  1. While client is undressing for treatment, leave to prepare your body treatments. Dispense ¼ cup salt (Exfoliator) into a mixing bowl. Add 10-15 drops (or 1/8 teaspoon) Customizing Complex. Mix well. Important: You can choose to use Body Butter, Hydrating Lotion, or Replenishing Light Oil, depending on your preference. If you choose butter for your finishing moisturizer, dispense 1 tablespoon butter into mixing bowl with 10-15 drops Customizing Complex. Heat slightly before mixing thoroughly with fingers. Spatula will not mix this product. If you choose Replenishing Light Oil, add 10-15 drops Customizing Complex per ounce in a bottle. Hydrating Lotions are pre-mixed with customizing complex and can be warmed as well prior to application.
  2. Return to room. Nestle the exfoliator in your towel cabinet, hydrocollator, or roaster for maximum heating, or place in hot water bath to heat.
  3. As you begin this step of the treatment, let your client know the special benefits of the product you are applying. Note: Undrape and recover the client as appropriate during the product application to prevent chilling and respect modesty. During exfoliation keep your hands flat and use the fingers as well as the palms. This is not a massage movement.
  4. Start with a quarter-size dab of salt. Add more as needed. Begin on the lower body by spreading the exfoliator in an upward direction along the full length of the client’s left leg. Then returning to the ankles, vigorously scrub the skin using small circular movements on each side and back of leg, slowly moving in an upward direction until you have also scrubbed the buttocks. Avoid strong pressure on the back of the knee. Repeat 2-3 times, for a total time of one minute, ending with one long stroke to the foot. Then scrub the foot liberally.
  5. Re-drape left leg. Move to the right leg and repeat. Cover client’s lower body with bath sheet when finished.
  6. Dispense a quarter-size dab of salt. Move to the upper right side of the table and apply the exfoliator first on back, then arms, and the hands. Starting on the lower back, vigorously scrub skin using large circular stokes, moving then to mid–back, upper-back and then shoulders.
  7. Stabilize the client’s right arm on the table by holding the forearm against the table with your left hand. Then exfoliate the entire arm. You can lift the arm and let it hang from the table, supporting at the elbow, to exfoliate the elbow. Repeat on the left arm. Repeat on elbows and rough patches. Total time for the back/shoulder/arm/hand exfoliation is 3-5 minutes. Re-drape the client’s upper body.
  8. Remove exfoliator with warm moist towels. Test towel heat before application to the client.
  9. Starting with the client’s left leg, lay the hand towel over the full length of the leg. Press the towel against the leg to moisten the exfoliator. Fold the towel in half lengthwise and then remove the exfoliator working from the top of the leg down to the foot. Reverse the fold of towel and repeat. Lay a fresh warm towel on the client’s back lengthwise. Press the towel against the back to moisten the exfoliator. Fold the towel in half lengthwise and remove the exfoliator working from the lower back to the upper back and then arm. Repeat. Reverse fold of towel and repeat removal on other arm.
  10. When product removal is complete, lean against the lower bath sheet to secure it, and then hold up the upper bath sheet between you and the client and instruct the client to turn over. Re-cover them with the bath sheet.
  11. Dispense a quarter-size amount of exfoliator. Standing next to the table, and starting with the client’s right leg, apply the exfoliator to complete length of the leg. Then returning to the ankles, vigorously scrub the skin using small circular movements on each side and front of leg, slowly moving in upward direction until you have reached the top of the leg. When exfoliating the knee, stabilize the kneecap with one hand while exfoliating with the other. Use the flat of your fingers and exfoliate both sides of the knee at the same time. When finished exfoliating the leg and the knee, move to the foot. Cup the heal in your right hand, and with left hand, use small circular motions to exfoliate the top of the foot. Recover the client’s right leg. Repeat on the client’s left leg. Total time for both legs 2-3 minutes.
  12. Move to the top of the table. As you fold the bath sheet down and away from the client’s chest area, insert a breast towel as appropriate. Dispense a quart-size amount of exfoliator. Standing on the client’s left side, apply the exfoliator to the client’s stomach with small circular movements. Move to the head of the table and apply exfoliator to the décolletage. Stabilize the client’s shoulders with one of your hands, one at a time, and you exfoliate the décolletage with the other. Avoid the breasts.
  13. Step to the client’s left side of the table. Stabilize the client’s arm with one of your hands while you exfoliate with the other. Use small circular movements to exfoliate. Step to other side of table and repeat. Total time 3-5 minutes.
  14. Remove exfoliator as before. Use one hand towel for upper body and one for lower body. Avoid direct pressure on the kneecap during exfoliator removal. Cover client with the bath sheet as each section is cleansed to avoid chilling.
  15. At this point in the treatment, you can finish with a 5 minute application of a hydrating lotion, smoothing butter, or proceed with a massage therapy service. If applying a butter, mix in the Customizing Complex thoroughly with fingers prior to application. As you begin this step of the treatment, let your client know the special benefits of the product you are applying and also inform them about retail products available to prolong the benefits and results of the treatments they received. Note: If client receives a wrap directly after exfoliation, skip steps 15 – 17 and proceed to the wrap application. Alternatively, the application of body butter or lotion can be extended to a full hour or ½ hour massage, making the total treatment time an hour or 1½ hours.
  16. Undrape and re-cover the client as appropriate while you apply the finishing lotion or butter. Start with the right leg first, then left leg, stomach, décolletage, left arm, then right arm. When applying finishing product to the stomach, use a breast towel to cover the client.
  17. When finished with application to the front, remove the lower bath sheet by having the client roll first to her left side, then her right, sliding it from beneath her, while holding up the upper bath sheet for modesty. Have the client turn over onto her stomach. Apply lubricant starting with the left leg, then right, and finish with upper back. When treatment is complete, leave the room and let the client rest until they are ready to get dressed.