Biotone Trigger Point Foot Massage and Pedicure

Trigger Point Pedi

Help your clients beat the wear and tear of a life “on your toes” with Trigger Point Pedi. Learn to pin point healthy muscle tissue vs unhealthy muscle tissue and use your palpitation skills to notice the difference between scar tissue and restricted fascia.

Session Time: 30 minutes
Recommended Price: $40-50
Cost Per Treatment: $0.76

Body Luxe Hydrating Wrap, 5 oz

1. Find the Trigger Point by palpating the foot tissue until you locate a small area of tightly contracted tissue or isolated spasm.

2. Gently press on this area. If you have located a Trigger Point the client may experience a “to your soul” pain, feel referral pain/sensation somewhere else on their body and/or the tissue may twitch.

3. Hold the pressure for 6-8 seconds.

4. Release your hold and with the Body Luxe Hydrating Wrap that remains on the skin, perform several slow effleurage movements over the treated area.

5. Repeat this cycle of static pressure and effleurage 2 more times.

6. Get client feedback throughout the process. Pain scale of treatment should be about a 7 on a scale of 1 to 10.

7. If the client experiences referral pain when you press on a Trigger Point, attempt to simultaneously press on the area of referred pain while maintain pressure on the original point.

8. Do not over treat the area! Working too many Trigger Points in one session can be overwhelming to the client.

Download the PDF version here.