Self Care, CBD, and Me


Life as we know it has changed. Adulting has changed. For some, home schooling, virtual offices, family movie nights and home improvement projects have been thrust into the daily routine. For others, being deemed an essential employee means balancing long arduous working hours with our ‘new normal.’ Adulting is harder. Most of us are getting better at it, successfully keeping our families on track…


But What About Me?


Many of our own needs are taking a backseat to our families’ needs. Putting in physically demanding overtime hours, working from home in ergonomically challenged spaces, or overly exerting yourself in projects around the house can add muscle soreness and joint tension to a stressful situation. Practicing a little self-care can go a long way to renewing your body and mind.


What Exactly is Self-Care?


Self-care is the practice of taking an active role in protecting your own well-being and happiness during stressful times. It’s about taking responsibility for your health, with or without help from professionals, by taking initiative to improve your quality of life. Before our current situation, self-care options were plentiful…Going to the gym, getting a massage or seeing a chiropractor or physical therapist to name a few.


So, what can you do to take care of yourself in this new stay-at-home world? Carving out time to unwind, maintaining a healthy diet and exercise program, supporting your immune system, and meditation are important options to be considered for your personal self-care plan.


But what if you are in pain? Chronic pain as a result of an ongoing condition or sore muscles and joint pain from aspects of quarantine life can dampen and even derail the best intentions. One increasingly popular way to relieve pain is to incorporate CBD products into your daily routine.


What is CBD?


CBD, or cannabidiol, is a non-hallucinogenic, non addictive chemical found in the cannabis plant. When made into various edible and topical forms, CBD can improve anxiety, pain, insomnia and depression, according to Psychology Today. Recently, CBD has exploded onto the topical analgesic scene for its therapeutic benefits. FYI - the term ‘hemp oil’ is often used interchangeably in relation to CBD products. The difference between the two is that hemp oil extract comes from the seeds of the cannabis plant while CBD oil extract is derived from the plant in its entirety. Same plant, different process.


Do CBD Pain Relief Creams Really Work?


Simply? Yes… Unlike many topical pain relief ointments, CBD creams don’t just mask pain. They actually make it go away and this is how: “The human body has an endocannabinoid system that regulates appetite, mood, pain and pleasure sensations. CBD can activate our body's endocannabinoid system by binding to cell receptors in the skin, muscle tissues, and nerves. This interaction explains why the most common CBD cream uses are for chronic pain or inflammation,” said Emma Chasen, co-founder of Eminent Consulting, a cannabis education and consultancy firm.


How Do I Know Where to Start?


Topical products are a perfect introduction to using CBD in your self-care plan. Try a CBD massage cream to ease sore muscles from over exertion or stiff joints from less than ideal workspaces. Work it into those aches and pains for quick relief at the end of a long day. Creams are easy to apply, and if you choose the correct one, will provide long-lasting relief. It’s important to note that CBD cream cannot enter your bloodstream or give you a ‘high.’ They deeply penetrate through the skin and into the muscles but will never affect your vascular or neurological systems.


Which CBD Pain Relief Cream is Right for Me?


Choosing the right CBD pain relief cream is key.


Firstly, choose a reliable brand. Aim to seek out products with the best active pharmaceutical pain-relieving ingredients and the proper concentration of CBD. One of the leading brands on the market, CBD Clinic, does just that. They offer a wide variety of topical analgesics and pain relief ointments expertly formulated for several levels of pain using the highest quality manufacturing in a Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP)-compliant facility. Not to mention, the price is right…


Secondly, determine which level of CBD you need based on your pain. Concentration of Hemp Oil or CBD Oil Extract is measured in milligrams – the higher the measurement, the more potent the massage cream.


Where Do I Buy CBD Clinic Products?


Afterall, being ‘Safe at Home’ these days is undoubtedly the ‘in’ thing to do. So how do you get your hands on this must-have CBD pain relief ointment and start down the path to enhanced self-care? has a full range of CBD Clinic’s Massage Therapy and Clinical Strength Pain Relief and Topical Analgesics at great prices. We even offer a 110% Price Match Guarantee!


So, in a Nutshell…


In this quarantined world without escapes we need to find a way to take care of ourselves both physically and mentally. Family time may be king, but ‘me-time’ must be royalty too. A little self-care will go a long way to relieve stress, anxiety and the inevitable aches and pains from our new mandatory stay-at-home lives.