Biofreeze Stress-Melter Pain-Relieving Massage

This full body therapeutic massage uses BIOFREEZE Gel, a pain relieving topical cooling gel during the massage treatment. This massage focuses on specific areas of tight and painful muscles and joints using various massage strokes to relieve tension and pain. More concentrated work on muscle spasm and chronic tension where most of us hold our stress will be given at the end of this treatment. A tube of BIOFREEZE Gel is included for home care use to continue the pain relieving experience at home. This massage will leave the client stimulated, invigorated and will help melt their stress away.

Treatment Time: 60 minutes

Benefits of Treatment:

  • Relieve stress
  • Reduce muscle spasm
  • Reduce discomfort and pain
  • Increase circulation
  • Improve range of motion
  • Over all invigorating feeling


  • Sunburn
  • Skin rashes or conditions
  • Open sores
  • Severe high blood pressure
  • Fever or infections

 Products, Supplies and Equipment:

 Prepare Treatment Room and Table:

  • Massage Table:
    • Drape two sheets, one on top of the other, folding the top sheet down partially with a diagonal fold.
  • Treatment Room:
    • Have several hand towels ready (if needed) for additional draping.
    • Have bolsters and pillows available (if needed) for additional client comfort prepared with clean linens.
    • Have massage oil, BIOFREEZE topical analgesic, PROSSAGE Heat, etc., as needed per specified massage protocols, prepared on the counter.
    • Create a comforting and de-stressing environment with soft music, lowered lighting and any specified amenities such as fresh flowers, or product samples on table.

 Client Communication:

  • Pick up client
  • Have client complete in-take form
  • Conduct pre-massage interview
  • Explain sequence and benefits of products
  • Provide and explain draping
  • Step out as client gets on table
  • Knock and step in
  • Bolster client for comfort
  • Begin work using the following protocol

Treatment Protocol:

  1. Client is positioned supine (face up).
  2. Start by placing hands on the client’s upper trapezius and effleurage the neck.
  3. Massage face starting at the chin and working toward the forehead and then move to the head performing friction massage movements.
  4. Move to the client’s neck and apply oil to the neck. Apply bilateral effleurage beginning at the sternal notch and use the hands simultaneously. Continue from the sternum over the shoulder and along the traps to the occipital ridge. Repeat at least three times.
  5. Turn clients head to one side and apply effleurage to the side of the neck starting at the mastoid, con
  6. tinue the movement across the shoulder and around the deltoid muscle and back to the base of the neck.  Repeat at least three times.
  7. Apply petrissage, friction and vibration strokes to the neck and shoulders.
  8. Apply passive joint movement by rolling the head forward, passive stretch by supporting the head side-to-side and pushing the opposite shoulder. Apply passive rotation to the neck.
  9. Next, apply slight traction to the cervical spine by hooking the fingers under the occiput and pulling.
  10. Finish by applying alternating pressure toward the foot of the table and rock gently and stretch shoulders.
  11. You may apply BIOFREEZE Gel to any tender anterior points as needed at this point of the massage.
  12. Massage each arm and hand with effleurage, petrissage and stripping strokes for 3 to 5 minutes for each arm.
  13. Massage each leg using effleurage, petrissage, broadening friction and stripping strokes 3 to 5 minutes per leg.
  14. Massage each foot for 2 to 3 minutes. Begin at the sole, kneading the foot and then applying friction, covering the front of the foot and stretching each foot.
  15. Re-drape client and apply feather strokes over the drape before turning the client.

(25 minutes total massage time for the supine massage)

  1. Client is then moved to prone (face down) position.
  2. The soles of the feet are massaged and pressure points used; legs and calves, glutes are massaged using petrissage, effleurage, broadening, friction and stripping strokes; ten minutes for this part of the massage.
  3. Start with a light touch at the base of the neck and the other hand at the base of the spine.
  4. Apply massage oil to the clients back using effleurage strokes starting at the head and go to the sacrum.
  5. Then apply a thin layer of BIOFREEZE Gel to the back; massage BIOFREEZE Gel into the back and continue massaging the back using effleurage, petrissage, and compression strokes with the BIOFREEZE oil mixture.
  6. Petrissage the trapezius and then the entire side of the back that is opposite the therapist, repeating this at least three times. Then move to the other side of table and repeat.
  7. Use deep gliding stripping movements using braced thumbs on the back, can also use the elbow and forearm to do deep gliding when working on the back.
  8. Move to the shoulders and perform direct pressure and friction to the trapezius and rhomboid area.
  9. Perform trigger point work on the rotator cuff area as needed at this time.
  10. Then work the cervical muscles face down using effleurage, petrissage strokes.
  11. Then focus on the sub-occipital ridge doing circular friction back and forward on the ridge and above and below it.
  12. Move to the head and massage starting at the base of the neck and apply friction to the scalp.
  13. Follow up with additional massage to areas of tension and pain at this time.
  14. Can apply tapotement, percussion or vibration at this time.
  15. Apply stretches to the back and end with feather strokes.

(20-minute massage on back)

  1.  Re-drape client and apply compression over the drape from the feet to the clients shoulders.
  2. Explain that the BIOFREEZE cooling effect will stay with client for a few hours and step out of room.
  3. Give tube of BIOFREEZE Gel with home care after treatment.

Closure: Thank your client and step out.

 Special notes:

A higher price should be charged when a tube of BIOFREEZE product is included with this treatment along with home use instructions. The BIOFREEZE Massage Pain Relieving Massage Melter is intended to be a revitalizing treatment. For a less intense treatment, BIOFREEZE Gel with massage oil during the massage can be omitted and applied just during the trigger point work and around joints at the end of this treatment. This massage may be varied due to client needs.  BIOFREEZE topical analgesic should only be used with massage oil, not creams or lotions to create a BIOFREEZE mixture for the BIOFREEZE massage. This treatment is also a great time to use the BIOFREEZE spray on the client’s feet at the end of the treatment.

 Technique Definitions:

  • Broadening Strokes: The application of palm strokes from the centerline of an extremity laterally outward.
  • Compression: A rhythmic pumping action movement on muscle straight in and out intended to spread muscle fiber.
  • Compressive Effleurage: The application of gliding strokes with enough pressure to create a displacement of tissue for the purpose of moving fluid.
  • Cross Fiber Friction: The application of compressive movements on muscles with the angle 90 degrees to the fibers of the muscle.
  • Direct Pressure: The application of compression of tissue with static pressure.
  • Effleurage: The application of gliding strokes that follow the contour of the body.
  • Flats of Hands: Applying gliding strokes with the backs of your fingers while using loose fists.
  • Friction: The application of compression of tissue while adding movement.
  • Petrissage: The application of lifting, squeezing and kneading strokes to tissues of the body.
  • Stripping Strokes: The application of specific gliding strokes over a muscle usually from distal to proximal.
  • Tapotement or Percussion: The application of alternating, rhythmical striking movements to the body.


These treatments are intended to be used by Health Care and Massage Professionals only. They are intended to be used as a guide and should not replace the advice of a medical doctor or health care provider. Please check with the client’s healthcare provider when in doubt before using any of these treatments and/or BIOFREEZE & PROSSAGE Heat products.

Treatment written and designed by Lynda Solien-Wolfe LMT, NCTMB -Solwolfe Resource Group, Inc. and Michael McGillicuddy LMT, NCTMB -USA Pro-Sports.