Biotone Fresh and Full Hydration

Fresh and Full Hydration

Help your clients escape winter boredom and give them a radiant treatment from head to toe. Gently polish to lift away dry skin accelerating cell renewal and provide an aroma-therapeutic body wrap for total mind-body healing. While relaxing and reviving the body give a refreshing face exfoliation and massage that will soften, tone and nourish skin that’s been exposed to the harsh winter months. Finish with a luxurious full body massage.

Session Time: 60 – 90 min
Recommended Price: $100 - $150
Cost Per Treatment: $1.78

Micro-Buff Body® Polish, 2 oz
Serenity Massage Lotion, 1 oz
Facial Therapy MicroRefiner™, 1/8 oz
Facial Therapy Massage Creme, 1/8 oz

2 Rubber Spa Bowls
Dry Brush
8 Warm, Moist Hand Towels
1 Thermal Blanket
Plastic Wrap (optional)

1. Apply a full body exfoliation treatment with Micro-Buff Body Polish, following the BIOTONE protocol* for exfoliation.

2. Apply Serenity Massage Lotion to entire body and wrap with thermal blanket.

3. Wrap client’s face with warm steaming towel, leave on for approximately one minute.

4. Gently wipe face clean of makeup, be sure to avoid eye area.

5. Apply Facial Therapy MicroRefiner evenly to face.

6. Gently massage MicroRefiner into skin using small circular motions in an upward motion to work against gravity. Skin may appear rosy as this stimulates circulation.

7. Wrap client’s face with another warm steaming towel, leave on for approximately one minute.

8. Wipe face clean of granules.

9. Apply even layer of Facial Therapy Massage Creme to client’s face and proceed with facial massage (8 to 10 minutes) until creme is fully absorbed.

10. Unwrap Aromatherapy wrap and transition to normal massage set up, removing thermal blanket.

11. Perform a finishing treatment with Serenity Aromatherapy Massage Lotion.

*Follow protocols in BIOTONE Spa Brochure

Download the PDF version here.