Discover the Magic of Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

From the remnants of the ancient primal sea beneath the towering peaks of the Himalayan Mountains in the Punjab region of Pakistan comes salt crystals with renowned healing properties within Eastern medicine for centuries.  Himalayan sea salt, characterized by its pinkish hue, has made its way west in recent years.  Some of the benefits of this ancient salt include the promotion of healthy blood sugar, lowered blood pressure, and improved circulation.  But the healing effects of the sea salt are not limited to the blood.  Himalayan Sea Salt, which contains 84 minerals, also supports a robust respiratory system, helps to prevent muscle cramps and promote bone health, and can even relieve anxiety and insomnia.

One of the best ways to avail oneself of the health benefits of Himalayan sea salt is through a Himalayan salt stone massage.  The pink crystals are hand carved into massage stones which are heated with lamps and applied with pressure in a technique similar to Swedish massage to relieve stress and restore a sense of overall well-being and a balanced central nervous system.  Harmony Salt Himalayan Salt Stones when heated allow the essential minerals within the salt to penetrate deeply into your joints and muscles.  In addition to feeling better on the inside, you will also look better on the outside as the stones are also known to exfoliate the skin.

Bring the Healing Power of Himalayan Salt Stone Massage Home

Himalayan sea salt stones are not just for the use of massage therapists within their practice; they can be ordered online and shipped to your home.  These stones have a myriad of uses aside from the traditional stone massage techniques.  First simply moisten the stone so it glides smoothly on your skin, and Harmony Salt Himalayan Salt Stones can be used as a deodorant.  Containing 84 essential, naturally occurring minerals, the stones are a great substitute for deodorants containing aluminum, parabens, alcohols, and other artificial ingredients. 

You can also alter the temperature of the stones for different healing effects.  Place the salt stone in the freezer for twenty minutes and place it on your body to help alleviate pain and discomfort from edema, general swelling, and arthritis.  Because of the minerals of copper and iron found within the salt crystals, these massage stones are also an excellent conductor of heat, and will retain a deep penetrating warmth for about an hour.  The introduction of heat to the stones releases negative ions which helps relieve inflammation and rids the body of toxins.

There are various other products you can order for home use to reap the health and wellness benefits of Himalayan salt stones without having to go out for a massage.  A Harmony Salt Cube Himalayan Salt Lamp has many benefits including deodorizing and purifying the air, calming allergies and reducing the effects of asthma, raising your energy level and increasing focus and concentration.  And not only that, the lamp will add ambience to any room and serve to heat two massage stones.  Definitely a bargain at under $50.  

The Himalayan Salt Therapy Pillow is yet another way to experience the benefits of the salt crystals, this time with the introduction of moist heat.  This moist heat allows the crystals to penetrate more deeply into the muscles wherever the pillow is positioned.  The pillow can be used for the relief of headaches, ear aches, neck and back pain.

Let’s not forget about feet which are a source of pain for countless people.  The Himalayan Salt Foot Therapy Dome is comprised of a hand carved slab of Himalayan salt crystals warmed by a 40 watt bulb which can be dimmed allowing you to control the heat level of the device.  As the heated stones do, the dome also provides improved circulation, reduced swelling, and overall joint health.


With proper care and treatment, your Himalayan sea salt stones will last indefinitely.  Keeping the stones dry is of the utmost importance as moisture will degrade the salt.  The salt itself is antimicrobial and it is unlikely that the stone will require disinfecting.  In the event that you do need to clean your stones a solution called Benefect is recommended.  Spray the solution directly on the salt’s surface and dry immediately.  You can also use a light sandpaper to smooth the stone in the event of pitting or if the surface gets rough from too much moisture.  Although you can use certain oils with your Himalayan salt stones – jojoba and coconut oil for example – it is best to refrain from using lotions in conjunction with your stones.  The porous nature of the crystal stones will make them difficult to clean if lotions are introduced.

These magic healing stones, hand crafted from the salt crystals found deep beneath the majestic Himalayans have enormous benefits to your circulatory system, your respiratory system, joints and muscles, and your general well-being; and you don’t have to travel halfway around the world to get them.  You can enjoy them in your own home.