How To Clean and Care for Your Massage Table

How To Clean And Care For Your Massage Table

Clean Massage Table

By David Lahr

As most Massage Therapists know, your massage table is a significant investment. It also serves as the centerpiece to creating a peaceful and soothing environment for your clients week after week. This is why it’s so important to maintain the condition of your massage table to ensure it lasts for years to come.

Here are some guidelines to help keep your massage table clean and in tip-top shape:

  1. How, and How Often Should You Clean Your Massage Table

    Cleaning your table regularly can help minimize the spread of germs from one client to the next.  If you do not use a table warmer of fleece pad, you should clean your table after each client. A solution of mild soapy water will help you cut any oils or body grime left on the table. Follow up with a cleaner that contains no alcohol.

    A great suggestion is PURE GREEN.   Using a disinfectant containing alcohol will dry your vinyl and can void your warranty with many manufacturers. Microfiber cloths are recommended for use with this product for best results.

    If you use table accessories such as table warmersfleece pads, egg crates, or memory foam toppers, you should remove these items at least once a day and clean your vinyl. In between clients, you can help prevent cross contamination by utilizing either a disposable or reusable moisture barrier. This will prohibit the residue from a massage from permeating and depositing on your table additives, helping you maintain a clean and comfortable table. These barriers are silent, and are virtually undetectable under the sheet. These are positions above the table additives and below the sheet.

  1. Maintaining Your Massage Table

    Taking a proactive approach to the care of your massage and spa table will minimize the risk of unnecessary damage, help eliminate the opportunity for injury to the client, and help you develop a regular routine that will maximize the life of your massage table. You should regularly check the condition of your massage table as part of your cleaning routine. Check the frames, braces, legs, and connections of your table and look out for leg adjustment knobs regularly. Nothing is worse than a wobbly table when giving a massage. Tighten the knobs, nuts and bolts and look out for cracks or any other sign of damage. Take the opportunity to switch the face cradle regularly from end to end. This will lessen any natural wear and tear on the table.

  1. Always Keep Your Massage Table Covered and Properly Stored

    Never leave your massage table uncovered. Leaving it bare can leave it open to spills, or damage from someone sitting on it with sharp objects like keys, phones, pens and other items in their pocket. Always have a sheet or a protective fleece cover on the table, even when not in use.  When transporting the table, always place it in the table bag to protect the vinyl from scuffs or abrasions. Don’t leave your Massage Table in your car where it is exposed to extreme temperatures. This can cause upholstery to weaken becoming more vulnerable to rips and tears. Oils can also damage your table so it’s very important to remove oil stained sheets from your table at the end of the day. (Mild soapy water can remove residue, follow with a disinfectant like PURE GREEN for best results. This is a perfect non-alcohol solution for cleaning. ) Be mindful of your sheets as well, as these should never be allowed to sit overnight soiled. Sheets should be cleaned daily. To get the best results, utilize a massage detergent specifically designed with enzymes that help remove the grime left from massage lubricants.